Guide To The Most Blissful Bedrooms You'd Love To Slumber On!

The bedroom serves as a sanctuary and is the room where you forget all your troubles before drifting in peaceful sleep. After a long and tiring day, the bedroom is all you need to shed those problems off your mind.

So how does one get that perfect bedroom? Well, here it is…

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Guide To The Perfect Bedroom

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1. Pay Attention To The Colours:

By colours we mean the colours of the walls, ceiling, and flooring. If you want your bedroom to emit bliss, the choice of colours plays a very important role.

Try and opt for lighter hues as darker ones would give out an intense feeling and won’t really help you relax. Hence, option for light hues such as beige, sea green, light pink, or even pure white is a good option. Avoid colours such as red, dark blue, black or brown. Moreover, darker colours will make your room appear smaller.

2. Lighting Matters, Really!

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The level of peace you feel as soon as you enter your bedroom depends upon lighting as well. It will not be very pleasant to see just one plain tube light over your head just as you sit on your bed.

Go for side lamps, dimmers and several fixtures throughout the room. Perhaps, a bedroom chandelier? Make sure the lighting that you choose for your bedroom is adequate and not very bright. Dim lights calm the senses instantly!

3. Hang An Artwork


Whether you are a fan of art or not, hanging a piece of artwork on your bedroom wall is never harmful. Choose a piece of art that speaks to you and hang it at a place where you can regularly look at it. You can choose something that inspires or delights you.

For example, if you like flowers, go for a flower painting and if you like to travel, you can always choose a painting of a beautiful view. And when we say paintings, it need not necessarily be a Picasso! It can even be a good large photograph of something that reminds of a great happy memory as well

4. Add A Touch Of Nature


Having some flora in the bedroom is always a great idea. You don’t have to go overboard with flowers, just a vase with some tiny little flowers that smells great should be enough. Looking at flowers right in the morning is a very pleasant sight and in winters when everything is so cold, you need to feel a touch of greenery in your room!

Jasmine, English Ivy, Lavender, etc. are some good options to begin with.

5. Have A Decorative Theme

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If you ask a child about how he/she wants his bedroom to be like, chances are you will get answers like-

‘I want my bedroom to look like that of a princess’ or ‘ I want my bedroom to look like that of a car racing champion’!

The question is if kids can pick out a bedroom theme, why can’t adults? If your bedroom is according to a theme you like, you will feel a sense of pleasure and happiness right when you enter the room. So try and pick out a decorative theme for your bedroom. It can complement your overall design style of the home or be independent. You can always consult an expert interior designer on what would look great.

6. Make It A Tech-free Zone


The bedroom is a place where you relax, unwind and sleep. What is the last thing that you would want in such a blissful state? Gadgets.

The key to having a blissful bedroom is the place being tech-free so that you have time to indulge in the things you love and not in the things that tire you even more.

While that is something you cannot avoid during the day, do yourself a favour and try to avoid gadgets at night.

For instance, contrary to popular belief, having a Television set in the bedroom might not be a good idea.

7. Make Sure You Have A Perfect Bed

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At last, going on and on about the room’s wall colour, lighting etc. will be useless if no care is taken about the bed!

Your bed, as well as the bedding, needs to be perfect so that you can have a peaceful sleep. Opting for custom beds vis-a-vis readymade ones is a better solution for this. They can be tailored to your needs and chances are you would be pretty comfortable on them. You can always explore these options online as well. Check this for instance.

8. Add A Seating Area For A Complete Look


A bedroom isn’t really complete until it has a seating area as well. The kind of seating that you opt for will largely depend upon the size and shape of your room.

If you have some extra space at the foot of the bed, you can place a small couch there. If there is a free corner, you can fill it with a comfortable armchair and if there is some space left near a wall, get a dressing table or a writing desk…. Or a Swing! That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

The seating area will give your room a complete look and moreover, it will provide an alternative to you for a place to sit and unwind after a long day!

So these were the ways in which you can get the perfect, blissful bedroom for your home. We hope these help you to get the ideal bedroom you always wanted.

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