Your Ultimate Guide To The Latest Office Interior Trends

Let’s be honest - Mondays are challenging for everybody. It’s not out of the ordinary to see glum faces at work, trying to just get through the day after a miniscule weekend. God help you if you need to get something done urgently! But, what if the workplace is designed in a manner to make it look more inviting? What if the office could be a place that is as bright and cheerful, as it is conducive to productivity? Could Mondays, then, lose their infamous tag?


Yes… We can imagine you nodding enthusiastically! So, how could we make the workplace a space worth coming to week after week?

Let’s have a look at some of the current trends transforming work spaces for the better.

6 Trends To Follow For An Awesome Workplace!

So, here it goes... Err, before that... do remember to check the visual guide we have at the end!

#1 Work ‘Zones’

From open layouts and collaborative workspaces, the interior design style for workspaces has now graduated to a more balanced approach to space utilisation. Businesses are now looking at a combination of collaborative and private spaces, termed as 'work zones'. Work zones are typically designed based on the needs of the employees. For projects that need teamwork, discussions and ideation, the zone would look more like an office breakout area. When an employee needs privacy and quiet, he/she could use an office pod, or a cubicle-like area. The trend allows more flexibility to employees to choose how they wish to work.

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#2. The ‘SMART’ Office

Technology is here to stay. With time, it is becoming more mobile, something that needs to be incorporated into workspaces. Adaptable Desk Systems offer the required flexibility, being built specifically for easy integration of technology, as well as being suited to future-proofing the workspace. They can accommodate staff changes, and can be used across the workfloor, owing to their flexibility.

Another aspect of a 'SMART' office, is the usage of furniture that is storage-friendly, flexible and ergonomically designed, like modular soft seating, sit-stand desks, desk pods, community tables, customized furniture, etc.

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#3. A Home Away From Home... Sort of!

Given the insane number of hours some of us spend at work - at times WAY more than we should… the focus is on making the workplace as comfortable as possible for employees - in other words, ‘a home away from home... to some extent, at least! Sleeping pods, homely-looking kitchen spaces, zones meant specifically for relaxation, game rooms, unconventional furniture like beanbags, etc. give employees the feeling of being in a more comfortable space.

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#4. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is more than just a trend. This type of design uses nature as an architectural framework, incorporating plants, natural lighting, ‘living walls’ (self-sufficient vertical gardens attached to the interiors/exteriors of a building) and various textures. The idea behind this revolutionary design is that, the excessive amount of time employees spend indoors disconnects them from their natural surroundings, which could inhibit their creativity. An extension to the trend of ‘bringing the outdoors in’, biophilic design is not just a tool for ensuring the general well-being of employees, but it also challenges the traditional definition of office interior design.

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#5. Colour Schemes

In tune with biophilic and outdoorsy designs, green goes a long way in calming down those nerves in a high stress work environment. Shades of blue work best to enhance communication and productivity. Vivid shades of pink (although not too strong) boost confidence and energy, while subtler shades instill a sense of calm, specially in the zones that need collaboration. Light shades of orange and yellow work well in meeting areas, as well as in workspaces fuelled by creativity. Brown is another great choice as a neutral shade that brings the rest of the colours together, along with adding an earthy quality.

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#6. Lighting

A trend catching up in most commercial spaces, is the usage of motion sensors. Occupancy sensors turn the lights on automatically when someone enters the room by detecting movement and back off when the room is vacant and no motion is detected. Mobile lighting allows employers to quickly and easily customize lighting to fit the situation. Utilisation of natural light remains a persisting trend. Even spaces without windows are using LED technology to mimic color temperatures designed to resemble daylight.

A combination of overhead, corrective, and ambient lighting still works best for productivity, along with additional task-lights for individual desks.

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There! That's all you need to banish those Monday blues for good!

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