The Home Owner's Tell-All Guide To Kitchen Laminates!

A lack of options has never been a hitch for the interior design realm. Rather the array of raw materials accessible today, thanks to technological advances, have never been better, especially when it comes to kitchens!

Laminate. The multi-layer synthetic product that was once considered insincere, affected and essentially superficial is making a splash across trends once more. Turns out the maxim - times change and history repeats itself – is true.

What Makes Laminates So Attractive?

From time immemorial, the cook’s room has been the core of every household. It is a sacred locus that nourishes and revitalises.  It is also the place that sees the most wear and tear, ergo careful selection of its finishing material is pivotal. Laminate has the undefinable quality to be stable and yet resonate with any penchant or taste.

Made in layers that builds its firmness, laminate has a cornucopia of options to meet aesthetic and budgetary needs. It accentuates space, is easy-peasy to install and appears modish in any home. The question, thence, is not if to use laminate on kitchen cabinets, it is which type to apply.

Espouse the veneer that befits your personal propensities, using this guide to the complete spectrum of laminates.

1. The Dynamic White

Kitchen Laminates (1).jpg

In the pursuit of generous master bedrooms, our homes end up with itty-bitty boxed-in kitchens. Crisp white cabinetry is the remedy to these hearths. A pristine and clean countertop inevitably breathes in air to the smallest of places. The most commonly sold material, a white laminate can make any space look expansive.

The only drawback is for cleanliness enthusiasts; even an iota of dirt tends to stands out on it. But the joy of laminate is ever astonishing, a single swipe of wet cloth is enough to delivers it spic and span.

2. The Safest Wood

Kitchen Laminates (2).jpg

Wood textured laminate is giving the real deal a run for its money. Why? Cause timber veneer is incredibly cheap yet to the eye, and the touch it appears identical to wood. When you can get the same fresh and rustic feel at a fraction of the cost, who isn't going to opt for it?

A kitchen seeking a par excellence finish and a surface that contrasts with practically any fitting, calls for timber-textured laminate.

3. The Energising Solids

Kitchen Laminates (3).jpg

A kitchen that expresses volumes of character stipulates one colour laminate. The present drift is towards matte black and millennial pink, but if you want to really keep up with the Joneses pick Pantone’s colour of the year – Living Coral. For open-plan kitchens, (which are, paradoxically, on the rise too) accents of this lovely peach shade bring the whole setting together.

When using solids, particularly in kitchens that exposed to adjacent areas, embrace innovative tones. A light blossom shade accented with grey would look stunning. Think pink laminate on cabinet fronts, shelving, backsplash, and countertops!

The point nonpareil with solids is that they can be easily used alone or in amalgamation with other finishes.

4. The Go-To Decorative

Kitchen Laminates (4).jpg

When the end goal is to make the heart of a dwelling rich in palate, endorse digital print laminates. Decorative laminates have patterns and motifs printed beneath their plastic coating. They reverberate with a higher sense of elegance and can be put on doors, worktops, and even walls. Unique designs and universal applicability make them the first pick, repeatedly.

When the vote is for print laminate, prefer earth-based equivalents such as granite laminates with commendable promptitude. They not only look bizarrely bona fide but have a better finish to boot.

5. The Finishing Layer

Kitchen Laminates (5).jpg

The most challenging part of the inspiring but piecemeal job of selecting a kitchen laminate is the varnish. Like paint, the habitual offering in a laminate is a satin sheen. This is a semi-matte coating. But the possibility to get a complete matte effect or glossy finish is also open.

Base the choice on personal discretion with one imperative – if the cabinets need accentuation, pick glossy finish and if sophistication is the goalpost, then elect matte.

6. A Practical Dictum

A quick cup of soothing Darjeeling or a small bite of rushed breakfast, the ritual of quotidian life begins in the kitchen. Weave a place the heart and the soul want to be in, not one that gapes like a catalogue of laminates. Find the balance between colours, texture, finish and practicality. A visually vivid veneer is no good if it can’t withstand temperature or moisture.

Consider the size of the room, think if you want to dilute the impact of the colour or do you want a confronting block of shade that calms. Don't take tripe turns on the path to determining kitchen laminate, exercise cautious contemplations.

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