Not Just Countertops: How Granite Can Be Used In Other Places (And In Different Ways)

Granite, though widely used for home interiors, is sadly limited to kitchen countertops in many homes. The truth is that given granite’s versatile properties, there’s a lot more you can do with it!

But first, let’s take a look at what makes granite so appealing!

What Makes Granite An Excellent Choice In Home Interiors…

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1. Lends a unique appeal:

Granite has a polished, shiny appearance that makes the space look luminous.

2. Hygienic:

Granite is resistant to bacteria and hence is ideal for any room, especially so for kitchen, and not just for countertops but also for cabinets and kitchen islands.

3. Heat-resistant:

Being a natural stone, granite can resist heat as it has been formed under great pressure and at high temperatures. Hence, granite can also be good material for a dining table or any other table.

4. Mighty strong and durable:

One of the best advantages of using granite for different elements in your home is that granite has high strength and durability. Any item made from granite in your home will last forever.

5. Easy maintenance:

You can handle it roughly without worrying about breaking it or making it dusty and dirty. It doesn’t break easily and all you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth to keep it clean and sparkling.

6. Adds value to your home:

Granite not only enhances the economic value of your home but also lends a classy and sophisticated look.

This is not all. Granite comes in different patterns and its range of colours is hard to resist. With so many advantages, why limit granite to just a kitchen countertop? Here are a few suggestions on how granite can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your home’s visual appeal.

Different Ways In Which Granite Can Be Used In Your Home!

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1. Kitchen backsplash:

Even if you already have a granite countertop, you can go ahead and use the same stone for the backsplash as well. It will not only save money and time but also lend an appealing visual continuity. Being strong, heat-resistant and attractive, granite is the perfect choice for a classy kitchen backsplash.

2. Dining table:

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Add dynamism and uniqueness to your dining area by having a granite dining table. You can use it in many ways such as using just one slab or incorporating several slabs. Granite dining tables are functional as well because being heat-resistant, you can place hot pots and utensils directly on the tabletop. It is also quite strong and hence, just the right material for a dining table.  

3. Flooring:

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Granite is an apt material for flooring because of its strength and durability. Its surface or colour will not even fade with time. It also lends splendour and beauty to your home. It is bacteria-resistant and thus suitable for families with allergy problems. Though most granite floors are made from a single type for a seamless look, you can even create a patterned floor with granite by installing contrasting coloured granite stones. A floor plan with stripes on the boundary with a complementary colour is also a popular option.

The only thing you need to take care is that granite can be a bit slippery, so opt for stones with unpolished finish. Cleaning granite floors is quite easy. Just mop with a damp cloth.

4. Sinks:

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Granite is one of the best materials for sinks as it is non-porous, scratch and heat resistant, strong and durable. Since it comes in different colours, you get a sink that is not only functional but also beautiful. Your sink is a breeding ground for germs, but bacteria cannot seep into granite, and thus granite sinks tend to remain hygienic. Be it the conventional drop-in sinks or the undermount sinks, granite can be a perfect choice.

5. Bathroom walls and vanity tops:

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Bathrooms are much abused places and hence, a strong wall and a vanity top made from granite can be an ideal choice for the bathrooms. Granite is mold and water resistant and also non-porous and keeps away germs and other microorganisms, making it the right material to be used in bathrooms. It is also very strong and durable which adds to its appeal.

You can go for lighter or darker shades as each colour has its own perks. If your bathroom is small, then a lighter tone can create the illusion of space, while for bigger bathrooms, darker shades can add to the opulence!

6. Tabletops:

Granite can be the perfect choice for desktops or tabletops since it is so elegant and strong. The natural stone also lends a stylish appeal to any type of table, be it your dining table, office table or even your study table.

You can even repurpose or redesign existing furniture with granite tabletops.

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7. Accent shelves and walls:

An easy and affordable way to add additional shelves in the bathroom or kitchen is to opt for granite shelves. You can even carve out a nice shelf from granite remnants. Because of its strength and ability to handle wear and tear, granite can be a suitable choice for accent walls. Another advantage is that you get two types of look depending upon the type of granite used. For example, for a modern accent wall with a sleek look, polished granite can do the trick but if your home décor tilts towards the rustic theme, then unfinished granite is the perfect way to go to lend some exotic and rustic charm to your home.

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8. Granite art pieces:

Did you know that you could also make amazing artworks using granite? Get a unique slab and install it on one of the walls in your home, be it the living room, bedroom or even bathroom, as a focal point. You get a unique art piece for your home! Opt for bright shades such as red or blue to make it striking.

Granite can also be used in innovative ways such as tabletop decorations. Make use of granite chips to fill a tray or bowl. You can even fashion a tray from the remnants. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic trays!

Using granite as a mosaic is also gaining popularity. Many people use granite for decorative purposes because of its versatility in terms of style, design, and colours.

Granite is a natural stone and quite flexible when it comes to its use, so you can incorporate it in your home interiors in myriad ways. Apart functionality, it also lends a decorative look to your home. Use your imagination and creativity and you will find new ways of using it.

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