Insider's Tips To Design A Gorgeous Dining Room For Your Home!

Your dining room is the most multi-functional space of your home – It’s where you eat, entertain, discuss and at times, even work. So make it simple, functional and practical to fit your needs. Getting the atmosphere right is the key to designing your dining room.

Most of our dining rooms are connected to the kitchen or living room and at times it can be a separate room. And, that is why designing it can be a tricky task. But it doesn’t have to be.

No matter how small or big your dining room is, it remains a great addition to your home. Design your dining room right and make it the hub of your home!

Get A Gorgeous Dining Area For Your Home!

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Here are a few tips to get an awesome dining room or area!

1. Design With Function As Priority

Ultimately the most important thing to consider when designing your dining room is to know how exactly you will be using it. Do you eat every meal all the days or is it just holidays? Are you going to be hosting dinner parties every other weekend or does the table need to double up as an activity centre for the kids?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose materials and furniture pieces that will be apt for your space. Before getting into finer details like furniture style and colour, it is essential to plan your dining room according to its purpose.

Think about how many people are going to be there at any point in time, how you can adapt it to cater to guests during parties and other specific needs. You cannot do anything to change your room size, but you can definitely adapt to the available space and make it functional for all your household needs.

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2. Choose The Right Table

Now that you have set out your requirements, it’s time to select the perfect dining table for your home.

As the centrepiece, it is very important to get your dining table absolutely right.

Choose the right shape according to the size of your room. A rectangular or oval table will go well with large spaces and a round or square design will suit compact spaces.

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3. Settle Down With The Right Dining Chairs

Whether you are mixing and matching chairs to a table or opting for a pre-fixed dining table and chair set, make sure you get the ergonomics right!

Ensure that you have enough arm space for a comfortable seating experience. Also, seating height is very important so that you enjoy without feeling stressed out.

4. Essential Lighting

Make sure you have enough light for adequate brightness in the evening. You can add more drama to your dining space by opting for light pendants or chandeliers.

Also, remember that the larger the room, the more lighting you might need. Select linear light fixtures to emphasize oval or rectangular tables and chandeliers for round or square ones.

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5. Subtle Furnishing

Adding artistic design elements here and there in the dining room is a great way to increase its appeal. It can be as simple as adding sheer curtains or rug, you really don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

You can also add contrast design elements in order to make the dining room feel alive, beautiful and unique.

6. Choose Storage For Crockery And Cutlery

Storage is important for all rooms and dining rooms should not be an exception. If you have pretty things, you can display them right away as a centrepiece on the table.

For instance, a salt and pepper shaker, glassware, serving pieces can double up as decor when styled right.

Save the rest of your crockery on a sideboard or cabinet. It doesn’t have to always be a tall sophisticated unit, a compact unit to hold all your essentials will also do.  Some tables also come with their own storage spaces to store your essentials.

You can also opt for a stylish bar if you like to throw parties at home!
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7. Experiment With Design

A dining room always calls for a minimalistic design, however, don’t leave it just bare. It is not necessary to go out of your way on dining room decor, but a simple painting, decorative mirror or a simple display of crockery on a sideboard or shelves can be a great start.

Try to create interest and have fun with your dining area. Play with different textures, colours and levels of brightness to anchor the room.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing your dining room. Whatever you choose, let it reflect your persona and style. After all, a dining room is an integral part of home!

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