Why Getting An Online Interior Designer Makes Sense?

Does everything about your home irk you right now? Do you find flaws in the flooring, and consider the walls dull and uninspiring? Do you believe that your bedroom could look much cooler, and your kitchen, smarter? It might be time to give your abode a much-needed makeover! And while you are sampling that thought, you might also want to consider hiring an interior designer to help you out!

Given how we tend to go 'online' for our most mundane needs, there's no reason not to consider hiring an online interior designer.  In fact, it’s cheaper than getting a traditional interior designer and saves a hell lot of time! Don’t believe us? Read on!

6 Reasons Why Getting An Online Interior Designer Makes Sense!

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider choosing an online interior designer over the traditional one!

1. Flexibility:

You get the luxury of deciding whenever you want to engage with the project. You don’t have to worry about your schedule if you are having a busy day at work and have your hands full. Since everything is online, there are no formalities of showing up for the pre-decided meeting with your interior designer. Just go online as per your convenience and indulge in discussions about how you want to get your home done up.

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2. Cost Effective:

Most designers charge a consultation fee since he/she takes efforts to visit your house. Having an online interior designer eliminates that. Additionally, you could also have a look at the completed projects the designer has published on his/her website, along with the customer reviews, to get a fair idea if he/she is best suited to the requirements of your home. This saves the cost and time of meeting with multiple designers personally and choosing the one that meets your expectations. Besides that, there can be a host of other charges when it comes to dealing with a traditional interior designer, which are compensated by an interior designer online who generally charges a flat fee per room. You get an idea up-front about the various costs associated and can decide which items and design features are worth the costs.

3. Check Credibility:

It is easier to check the credibility of the online interior designer since the credentials of the design partners are mentioned on the website. The design partners can be evaluated on the basis of experience and expertise. Additionally, the perspective and professionalism of the interior designer would be evident based on the pictures of the completed projects, the overall design of the website and how often the website is revamped, keeping in mind the various fads and trends. This is important, especially if you aren't one to be satisfied by run-of-the-mill designs and a slack-paced designer.

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4. Customisation:

What is the best part of hiring a design expert for your home? It’s customisation! You want your home to depict your personality and be customised exactly as per your requirements. It becomes ten times easier having your home redesigned with the help of an online interior designer who can customise easily with the help of 3D Visualisation. This is generally done before the actual work begins and gives you a good enough idea of how your home will look post the overhaul, saving you time and money spent on rework or alterations. You do not need to spend hours in a store buying different pieces for your home. An online interior designer will curate styles and designs as per your taste and likings, providing you with a solution. It makes you feel great to see the plans you had for your home reflect through the eye of a designer, possible with such hassle-free customisation.

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5. Saves Time:

Isn’t this the most important one? Time has become a luxury in today’s chaotic and hectic schedules. Delete travelling to & fro for the duration of the entire project for discussions, suggestions, etc. and be amazed at how much time you end up saving by opting for an online interior designer. You will still have to sit up in front of your laptop, exchanging emails, figuring out your designer’s ideas and giving it a thumbs up/down, though. 

6. Social Media Footprints:

It is possible to gather insight on how your interior designer is as a person with the help of his/her website, online blog and other social media handles. Read reviews of their previous works. Examine whether they reply promptly to various questions being asked on their posts. It gives a fair idea of their traits like punctuality, professionalism and commitment. After all, you don’t want to compromise and be stuck with someone who isn’t as committed to your project as you would like. It’s as simple as ‘word of mouth’ marketing, which is one of the best forms of marketing, but online.

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Hiring a designer online has become an increasingly popular trend.  So what are you waiting for? Go find an Online Interior Designer for your beautiful home!