Your Handy Guide To Getting Ambient Lighting Right!

Who doesn’t love returning home after an exhausting, hard day at work? More still, if the day’s been spent amidst jams and snarls, noise and grime, chaos and confusion. Rightly so, our homes are the safe, secure, blissful sanctuaries where we can be ourselves sans facades and prejudices.

Some Like It Bright!

Whatever be your mantra for home décor, we’re sure lighting assumes an important role in the overall look of the room. As it goes, we’ve zeroed down on some clever ambient lighting ideas that you can effectively employ in your home.

We’re certain what you read here will spark off many a light-bulb moments for you!

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Shedding Light On Ambient Lighting

Aside from ensuring the house is well-lit in every nook and corner; ambient lighting ascertains the house is appropriately illuminated, neither in excess nor from the lack of it.

Simply put, ambient lighting is the general lighting of a room.

Different from accent lighting, ambient lighting is the regular, functional type of lighting that would typically come up first in a room. Similar to natural brightness, ambient lighting simulates the cosy, warm ‘mood’ that natural light usually embodies.

Say Hello To Mood Lighting!

Ambient light is oftentimes interchangeably considered as mood lighting on account of the fact that ambient allows for the room to come alive with light without overpowering the space.

Taken a step further, ambient lighting can encourage and influence the mood of the room. And mood lighting as we all know lends a romantic, peaceful, sanguine feel that works to relax the mind and de-stress the body.

Bring out the book, play a soothing ballad, let go!

Take A Shine To Ambient Lighting Options!

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As mentioned, ambient lighting need not be restricted to plain vanilla fixtures alone. Choose from a wide-range of ambient lights that range from neo-hi-tech to energy-saving, modish to old world luminosity, quirky to innovative – all of which will give the room functionality and purpose.

What’s Your Room’s Purpose?

While you can choose to take inspiration from an intricately designed chandelier or a track light, recessed lights and in some cases, table lamps will do the trick just as well.

Other times, you might have to rely on a floor lamp or a ceiling mounted fixture to do the job.

Wall-mounted fixtures and LED downlights can lend a stunning touch while adding a dash of cheerfulness to the room.

1. Cove Lighting

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Cove lighting usually works to amplify light from the ceiling cove while counter reflecting it on other walls of the room.

Not glaring and in-your-face, cove lighting looks best fitted into the wall or ensconced cosily in ceilings.

2. Pendant Lights

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Pendant lights, as the name suggest, are pretty and dainty lights that will add a soft glow to the room. Good for areas where you want to create a mellow, romantic feel, pendant lights can be great lighting options to hang over the dining or coffee table area.

3. Translucent Lampshades

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Believe it or not, sheer, see-through lamps have made inroads in the ambient light category in a big way. Artsy, serene and calming, these kinds of sheer shades are available in fabric, even paper and are ideal for quirky kind of spaces.

The right kind of translucent lamps placed on the table or floor can help you construct an ideal ambient light source along with other harmonizing lights to go along.

Do remember that ambient light is traditionally supposed to be purely functional, but need not be restricted to just that.

The advantage with ambient lighting is that if it’s cleverly used around the house, the high points of each room will get their due and special accents will play out the way they’re supposed to.

Not An Afterthought, This!

Broadly speaking, lights are intended to play a certain role in the overall order of things.

Which is why it’s important that the ‘purpose’ of each room be considered before one can think of embarking on a shopping spree.

Do keep in mind that whether you’re thinking of ambient, task, or accent lighting, just go by the golden rule of ‘functionality before vanity’ and you’re likely never going to go wrong.

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