These Flooring Trends For 2019 Will Leave You Positively 'Floored'!

It’s pretty common for flooring to be relegated to the bottom of interior design priorities! However, if not chosen with care, it can also mar the most splendidly designed room with ease! So, for a home that looks great from the top right to the bottom, you need to start taking flooring a lot more seriously than you usually do.

For starters, let’s take a look at some of the flooring trends that are setting the interior design scene on fire!

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Trends That Are ‘On Fleek’!

Wonderfully imitating the most ‘on point’ wood looks and dishing up some of the newest new in ‘surfaces,’ flooring options have come a long way from the standard ones granny had in her house when we were growing up.

Offering now the most persuading look & feel, durability & price, and ease of maintenance coupled with sassiness of modernity, the trends of 2019 will see an accentuation on floorings with wood-impressions, bold shapes & colors, even eco-friendliness and then some more.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us this year, shall we?

Be Prepared To Be ‘Floored’ By These Incredible Trends…

When you are planning to get your home done up, re-flooring would be more or less necessary, unless you’ve got it done fairly recently. At this point, it's critical to weigh alternatives that will look extraordinary and yet will outlive the winds of change of the current year, the next one and the many to come.

In this narrative, these flooring ideas will headline 2019 and brave the fickle trends of the coming decades…

1. A Chip Of The Old Block - Reclaimed Wood!

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It makes perfect eco‘logical’ sense - It’s environmentally-wise, it’s durable, and it’s even a tad easier on the pocket vis-à-vis brand new wooden flooring.

And this is why it is our top pick too.

Salvaged, refurbished, and reclaimed back to its original glory, recovered wood is essentially timber that has been formerly utilized for some or another purpose and has now been reclaimed for usability in a new avatar.

To give you some perspective, the best examples of reclaimed wood are the timber recovered from old houses or salvaged wooden planks taken from the floors of old establishments. Indeed, you might have come across a multitude of restaurants and commercial spaces that have utilized it to good effect too.

Why should you use it? Reclaiming wood gives it a new reason, almost a new lease of life all over again, aside from making the adoption of a green strategy so much more implementable in our houses.

Additionally, reclaimed wood flooring looks dramatic, even romantic and has the inherent potential of becoming a great conversation starter!

Likely to outlive other trends in the numerous years to come, we have strong reason to believe that reclaimed wood flooring will be the flooring surface of choice in 2019.

2. Ever Heard Of ‘Mood Tiling’?

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Well, it’s not an exact take on mood lighting, but mood tiling borrows from some of the fun that mood lighting has.

Allow us to tell you how! Taking into consideration, an intense portion of the room’s identity, multidimensional (or chameleon) floor tiles flaunt a unique combination of changing colors as per the sunlight changes.

But that’s not all.

The chameleon tiles when installed on the floor, work to adjust and fit the diverse shades and surfaces of the houses’ interior. Bright as warm sunshine, or cool like water, the floor takes on whatever hues are in the surroundings.

Quite inconspicuous and unpretentious, they usually have regular marble-like gradations and are considered good fits for the washroom, master room or even statement corridors.

Useful in its attributes due to its porcelain particulars, floors using these tiles can be set in high-frequency areas such as workplaces too.

Hi-tech variations can also include temperature adjusting tiles that differentiate between different temperatures (heat of a human hand or cold water running in the washroom) and adapt colors according to that.

3. Seal It With Cement!

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Cement-based floor tiles are a verifiably solid material, aren't they? After all, we've been seeing them everywhere, starting from commercial establishments where they have worked to withstand mileage so much better as compared to earthen tiles and hardwoods, or in parks where the economy and longevity of cement-based tiles has far outweighed the rival counterparts.

Cement-based tiles made from cement are unendingly adjustable from a structural viewpoint and have rightly discovered their place in many interior decorators look-books too. As such, cement-based tiles can be extensively seen in modern homes and not without cause - They've taken on a fancy, artsy, patterned personality now - and people can't seem to get enough of them.

Well, trends suggest that these tiles will be making a comeback in 2019, albeit the two-tone finishes, artistic motifs/patterned or the clinical concrete look alike ones might be hogging all the limelight.

4. The Smoothness Of Silk, The Sturdiness Of Stone…

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Tile assembling and printing innovations have progressed so significantly as of late that we are often left spoilt for choice. And adding to the remarkable developments in tile technologies, a new dimension of detail has emerged – that of fabric textures.

One of the most recent advancements in textures has brought to the fore (cloth) material textures and fabrics being replicated on the earthen floor and porcelain tiles. Propelled by the delicate, beautiful weaves and mesmerizing shades of natural fabrics, the appeal of cloth or silken textures are being joined with the strength and specific advantages of tiles to make something extremely one-of-a-kind.

And of all the different kinds of fabrics that there are, think of them re-imagined and sitting pretty on your floor…

A pleasure to both the eyes and the touch, the tantalizing and unpretentious textures brings the glow and inviting nature of cloth to your home or business space.

But they are not all vain, for mind you, qualities of these floors include being hardwearing and intense for usability in even the wet regions of the house. What’s more, the upkeep and cleanup of the fabric tiles are simple, but the effect – Ah! The floors will not only look like the most comfortable material or costly silk you can imagine but also offer an entirely unexpected stylish, sumptuous feel that’s practically identical to marble.

Classy, huh? We think so too!

Wood or Fabric textured? Cement or Chameleon? Confused about which flooring trend to opt for? Speak to our home décor experts for the right advice…

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