The Expert's Guide To Finding The Best Interior Designer Online!

When was the last time you struggled to hail a cab? Remember the time when you put off shopping for the weekend? Or the time when you just had to visit the supermarket or risk going hungry? Seems like a really long time, doesn’t it? Almost everything has moved to the digital realm over the past few years. It’s hardly any surprise, then, that interior design has followed suit. Online interior design companies now tie up with designers and offer customised design services to people who approach them. With the addition of more names to the burgeoning list, how do you differentiate and choose the best among the lot?

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Here’s what you could look for to choose the best interior designer online.

Here’s What You Need To Remember To Find The Best Interior Designer Online!

Looking for the best interior designer online is almost similar to looking for one offline, with a few differences owing to the process being online. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you can evaluate to arrive at the right decision.

1. Browse Through The Online Interior Design Company's Website:

The website is the face of any company online. Since ‘design’ as a term has aesthetic connotations by default, the website should also reflect the designer’s design quotient. You must also check if the website is being updated and revamped on a regular basis to incorporate new trends. This is a good measure of how proactive and flexible the designer is.


2. Have A Look At The Completed Projects:

All interior design companies will have their portfolios on their website - completed projects with pictures and a few details. It is possible to get an idea of how good an interior design service provider is by evaluating the completed projects. You can understand their interpretation of different spaces, as well as visualize your own space in comparison to the projects listed.

3. Ensure That The Design Partners Are Credible:

The credentials of the design partners will be listed on the website. Evaluate them in terms of experience and expertise. The greater the experience, the better. However, it is also important to consider a freshness in perspective while evaluation design partners - especially, if you aren’t one to be satisfied by run-of-the-mill designs for your home.

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4. Make Sure You Can Opt For Free Consultation:

No amount of research will match the real experience of consulting a designer. Find out if the company offers a free consultation based on your requirements. Make sure you provide all the information needed, including your budget to make the most out of it.

5. Glance Through Customer Reviews:

There is no better endorsement than a happy client. Read through customer reviews posted on the website, as well as on social networking sites to get a fair idea of their services. Finding the right designer is not just about the finding the design that makes your home look gorgeous, but also about the overall experience.

6. Check If They Provide 3D Visualisation:

3D visualization helps you understand exactly how your interiors would look post the overhaul. Though 3D visuals are usually provided just before the work commences, it doesn’t hurt to check if it is part of the designing process.

7. Check For Post-Project Services:

Check if the designer offers post-project services like warranties and after-sales support & maintenance.

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