Red Alert: Does The Colour Red Spell Love Or Danger For Your Home?

A dark, dominant colour like Red can easily add a tinge of boldness and classiness to your home. Red also symbolizes strength and sophistication and it can add much-needed drama to the otherwise monotonous vibe of a house. However, going overboard with red will only make both you and your house look lousy and not-so- elegant. You don't want that.

If you are looking at remodeling your house we'd suggest you make way for this sizzling colour into your space.


While the use of reds is pretty commonly seen in living rooms, there are other areas of your home, where RED can really make a BIG difference!

Here are a few ideas that you can use while designing your pad with a powerful colour like red.

Raise The Energy Level Of Your Bedroom


A passionate colour like red can work wonders in raising a room's energy level. You can always opt for red walls in the bedroom while go subtle with contrasting coloured furniture.

For instance creamy whites can blend extremely well with a striking colour like red. It can also be the other way round where you opt for white walls and red bed linens.  

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (14).jpg
getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (13).jpg

Transform Your Kitchen

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (17).jpg

Kitchen can be a boring space unless you try and experiment with it! To add some fun, you can opt for red painted cabinets to make the kitchen area stand out and how!

Even if you have a small kitchen and think that red cabinets might just look too cluttered, you can instead go for red countertops that will spell sheer elegance.

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (9).jpg

An eye-catchy colour like red will only bring out a vibrant and energizing vibe and we bet your guests will enjoy the ambience of your space too!

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (10).jpg

Say Bye-Bye To Boring Work Space

Typically, people prefer the usual browns, whites and the blacks when it comes to designing their work station. We say, how about red? Not only does a great colour like red stir up excitement but also creates a strong first impression.

So, while you can choose to keep the look of your work station simple, how about having a red table that will add a quirky element to it?  

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (7).jpg

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

getting-red-shares-right-for-your-homes (11).jpg

Spice up your dining area with these sensational red chairs that will energize the space like never before!  Not only does a colour like red encourages confidence but also stimulates conversation.

using red for your dining areas.jpg

Just adding an element of red can spice up your space and make it look interesting. However, not to forget that the colour of love can also spell ‘danger’ if you don't quite know how to effectively use it. Always remember that using bright colours with red is a strict no-no! Always opt for shades of white, black and rustic furniture to go with it. Choosing an interior décor that’s red in colour will sure make your space/ home look strong and dramatic. However, too much of it will not only make your home look chaotic but will also reflect badly on you making you look distasteful.

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