Designing Your Guest Bedroom? Here Are A Few Handy Tips!

Hosting a guest in the 21st century has never been easy. You have to deal with Wi-Fi passwords, emergency numbers and neighbor’s contact, tips for using household electronics, accessing common areas in a gated community, etc. especially when you are not at home when the guest arrives. To play a perfect host, there is nothing like a well-designed guest room with all basic comforts that makes the guest forget that he is not at home.

Most of us don’t entertain guests round the year and hence do not mind the lumpy mattress or uncomfortable pillows and shabby blinds. Based on what one would expect when checking into a hotel room, here are a few curated tips. These tips would sure go a long way in playing the perfect host.

There are two aspects of designing a guest bedroom. One is the interior décor, and the next would be providing basic amenities. Simple ideas and innovative thinking can elevate the guest room into a cozy retreat.

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Interior Décor

Contrary to the adage ‘appearances are deceptive,' the first appearance of the room to the guest is what speaks volumes about you and your hosting capabilities. Here are a few tips to prep up your guest bedroom regarding décor and pleasant space.

Clutter-Free Interiors

Having a clutter free room would give a spacious feeling. A small room with minimal furniture and lots of storage space would look more prominent and spacious. You can have wardrobes and lofts to store away all your seasonal clothes, blankets and unused items while leaving a shelf for the guest to keep their belongings. If you want to provide a mirror, attaching a mirror to the wardrobe would be a great idea to save space.

A  bed with storage space attached to stack all the extra pillows and cushions would be a lifesaver in small bedrooms. Though it is a great idea to display artifacts and photos on the walls, family photos are best restricted to master bedroom or other areas.

Select Your Theme

As for the themes you can get creative and opt for various traditional or modern themes. One can choose Moroccan, French, Spanish, Bohemian themes, etc. or defy all these and create a personal mix up style by infusing a contemporary piece of furniture amidst traditional ones.

If you do not want to get too creative, a simple casual and neat style would also work out well.

Experiment With Colors

If the guest bedroom isn’t used much, then you can experiment with different colors. One can choose bright, bold colors like bright turquoise walls or go for neutral shades for that calm atmosphere. Two tones are also better than one and add the dimension to the room. However, it is better to choose a color palette that gels well with the other rooms in the house.

Ensure that the color of upholstery integrates with the wall color. For instance, a beige wall can have upholsteries in pale yellow and green, or one can go for monochromatic colors and matching upholstery. Choosing the right wall colors and matching hues in bedding would result in a warm, inviting room. The following picture shows a beige wooden nightstand and white night lamp and grey comforters complementing the wall color.

Guest Bedroom (2).jpg

Light It Up Right

An adequately lighted guest bedroom creates an inviting feeling and pleasantness. For a beautiful guest bedroom, one must focus on the bedside lamp lighting as well as lighting from other sources. Also, ensure that the illumination complements with the bedroom design theme and color. The shape and size of lighting should gel with the other furniture and themes in the room. For instance, it is a good idea to have a reading light at least 20-25 inches above the height of the bed for better reading. Regarding overall lighting, ceiling light or chandelier works well.

Ensure that it is fitted at the pivotal point in the room and matches the scale of the bed. A room with adequate natural light would be coveted. Proper window drapes make a significant difference to a room. Curtains have to be selected cautiously as many guests would not like to wake up with the sun hitting their faces. Hence one must decide as to whether to go in for a blackout curtain or lighter ones. A combination of both helps the guest to adjust the inflow of light. Blinds can also be used for privacy.

Choose The Right Bedding

Proper bedding is essential, as often guests who are tired from travel would like to have some peaceful sleep. Make sure the mattress is of good quality and comfortable. A pom pom duvet and a luxurious rug give a cozy feeling. You can add-on with a good comforter, quality pillows and a mattress topper that is quite comforting to the back.

Pillows with different levels of fullness like hard, medium and soft can be provided so that guests can choose and mix as to what suits them. A soft footboard would be an added advantage. It is essential to select a proper quality fabric like cotton for the bedding. Well laundered and ironed bed linens provide extra comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Other Basic Amenities

Having done with the décor, let's get to the nitti gritty items required to play the perfect host.

Basic Niceties

It is always nice to have some biscuits and a decanter of water and glasses as the guests need not rake in the kitchen in the middle of the night searching for water. A mirror and clock would be great. Thoughtful touches like a hairdryer, umbrella, night lamp, etc. would go an extra mile. A bedside table is a must!

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Keep a basket of toiletries in the guestroom or bathroom with essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, lotion, clean towels, etc. Further storing adequate supplies of toilet paper will prevent guests from making an awkward request for more. These niceties will make the guest feel more autonomous and comfortable. If you want to take it, a notch further scented candles or flowers will give a pleasing touch.

Another often overlooked item is a place to keep clothes for laundry. Tucking two hampers in the corner of the bedroom or bathroom would be a good idea. Taking another cue from motels keeping some disposable covers for trash is welcome.

Relaxed Reading

A comfortable chair with a throw and pillow and adjustable reading lamp is a good idea. If there are no space constraints, one can add on a small table with magazines reading light and drawers to store little things.

Closet Space

It is a good idea to provide some closet space with hangers to accommodate various types of dresses and jackets. A variety of pillows and blankets can be stored in a section of the closet for the guest to choose. As guests would travel light and try to get as many wears out of their jeans and jackets, providing a  seperate section in the closet for such clothes is advisable. A rolling clothes rack in the closet helps guests to hang their clothing purgatory and accessories.

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Console Station And Internet Access

As many guests come on official trips, it is worthwhile to provide a small desk and chair with basic stationery pens, etc. In this digital age providing a USB charging port, phone charger and even a laptop would be an added advantage. Do not forget to keep a note mentioning the Wi-Fi password. A  workstation with drawers and a mirror would double as a dresser.

Technical And Informative Tips

A small guide on using the household electronics would be thoughtful in case you are not at home when the guests arrive. There can be details on the household oddities like hot water access, using a home theatre system, household security system, etc. In case of gated community details on parking regulations, accessing facilities like gym, swimming pool, etc. can be mentioned.

Space To Unpack

Guest Bedroom (5).jpg

Providing some space for unpacking is essential. A luggage rack or a simple bench to place the suitcase and unpack would do well instead of making guests bend on the floor to unpack.

Other Items

Providing a set of keys and maps and details about nearby shopping areas, places to see, etc. would greatly help the guests. Another important aspect often overlooked is that you do not want your guests to encounter unwanted guests at home…..Yes insects!!!. Guests would definitely thank you for your thoughtfulness in keeping some insect repellents in the bedroom.

Guest Bedroom (6).jpg

Though the list may seem long, these are simple things to be considered in designing a guest bedroom that would work a long way in being the perfect host. True to the Indian principle of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava', meaning ‘Guests are like God' by following above tips one can indeed make a guest feel like heaven in your guest bedroom.

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