How To Design A House That Is Always Party-Ready!

Hosting parties is one of the most gratifying experiences, and one of  the most exhausting ones too. Imagine having to go over a list of things to do every time you have guests landing at your doorstep. The whole concept of spending a fun evening with your people goes out the window, if all you did was worry about minute details like did all the guests find a place to sit, did they keep bumping into each other all the time, or did they find that one ugly spot in your living room, right behing the main door?

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Well, to avoid all the stress that comes with organizing a party at your place, why not design a house that is always ready for a party? This is especially a must if you have a big network of friends and family who visit you often, and you find yourself stressed about how presentable your abode is! Also, with the festive season in full swing, parties are most likely going to be an everyday affair. Lets get some tips on how to have a party-ready house always, minus the anxiety.

Design a House That is Always Party-Ready!

Here’s how you can ensure your guests will always prefer your home for a party!

1. Multiple Seating Areas:

A huge single sofa set tucked in one corner, with the rest of the room empty is not such a great idea. Instead, have multiple smaller sitting areas.

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Also, sitting areas on opposite ends of the room will hinder conversations to take place as the other person will struggle to hear what is being talked about. So integrate different sitting options such as sofas, chairs, love seats etc in a way that group conversations as well as private chit-chats can be achieved by your guests, whatever they would want to engage in.

2. Defined Spaces:

If you have a large space in the main hall, divide the same with the help of a screen to create cozy sections. Have a dining area on one side where people can either comfortably sit and have food or carry themselves a plate and move about freely. This will let the party flow on its own and help people mingle better.

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3. A Trendy Bar Cart:

Bar Carts are basically the décor pieces of the century! Your party is incomplete without some fiery drinks and in order to ensure quick service, you need to display the bottles in a bar cart. Imagine running to the refrigerator everytime someone wants a refill.

Let your guests help themselves! Don’t forget to add basics there such as glassware, an ice bucket, bar tools etc. Some fresh flowers there will add to the merriment and take your décor up another notch!

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4. Focus On Lights:

Posh party places will always have dimmed lighting, so why not in your house? You can opt for light fixtures that are dimmable. Alternatively, go for lighting warm candles which add a glow to the atmosphere and make your party feel festive. Dimmed lights and scented candles is the perfect recipe of a great party ready house.

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5. Bathrooms:

You don’t want your guests walking inside a shabby bathroom and call out for basic things such as towels or soap. Your bathroom should be kept stocked with supplies such as fresh towels, toilet paper, hand wash etc.

Have the area designed in such a way that you don’t have to keep these supplies on the wash basin counter, as it will give out a very cluttered look. There should be small yet separate drawers to keep everything in their place. This will not only look pleasing to the eyes but also save you from the last minute panic of arranging things.

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6. Entertainment Zone:

Bring your own game zone into your house with the help of a foosball table or a pool table. The type of game you choose depends upon the space available and your budget. If parties are a regular thing at your place, investing in them is a great idea as they are permanent pieces of entertainment and décor, which your guests will find hard to ignore.

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7. Miscellaneous Tips!

You may have a dedicated reading corner in one part of your house, if you are a book buff, which may not be accessible by your guests. Have some books and magazines stacked neatly on a small table to let your guests indulge. Bring in custom pieces of décor such as a Buddha statue, flower vases, and other pretty knick knacks to make your home feel welcoming and trendy.

House parties are an excellent way to keep in touch with your loved ones, so design a house perfect to host parties and enjoy your life to the fullest!

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