Tips To Design A 'Happening' Workplace Canteen!

When people come to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home. - Betty Bender

The best way to keep your employees engaged and happy is by designing a workplace they’d love to come to day after day.

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Whether you are creating a new office space or upgrading your current space, it is vital to take note of every corner. For, it been observed that when a company decides to spruce up its premises, leisure spots like the canteen can often be overlooked.

And let’s face the facts - aren’t lunch and coffee breaks the best time to unwind and recharge during a busy day?

To keep your employees refreshed, active and happy, it is essential to design a ‘happening’ canteen - one that exudes positivity and helps them relax for a while!

Here are some ways you could ensure that your employees love the canteen!

How To Get A Workplace Canteen Your Employees Would Love!

Let’s look at some ways to get an awesome workplace canteen!

1. Provide Sufficient Space For Mobility:

There should enough space in the canteen area for employees and the staff serving food to move around. If the area is chock-a-block with too much of furniture and countless appliances, it would hardly serve the purpose of refreshment.

A smart layout is the first ingredient of a successfully designed canteen.
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2. Get Appropriate Furniture:

It is necessary to have an adequate number of chairs and tables to accommodate as many employees as possible (keeping the previous point in mind). Moreover, choosing furniture that is flexible - or, can be easily moved about - is ideal.

You may also provide sofas for your staff to sit and sip their hot cups of coffee. Alternatively, you could have a dedicated corner with unconventional furniture like bean bags!

3. Have A Spacious Service Area:

A well-organized and spacious service area is essential at the food counter. There should be enough space for someone to move around with their food in hand.

A crowded space might hamper the ease of service, and lead to employees being disgruntled!

4. Provide Adequate Appliances:

A good canteen area should have all the appropriate appliances in the kitchen. A refrigerator to store food, a microwave to heat or cook food, coffee and water dispensers, and other kitchen appliances to make the food even more delightful.

Provide television screens for their entertainment. Additionally, you could also have soft music playing in the background - to get them to relax!

It’s ideal to have sufficient outlets for power to help employees charge their mobile phones or other personal gadgets!

The idea is to take care of all the needs that might arise when an employee visits the canteen!

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5. Focus On The Colours And Lighting:

A comfortable and relaxing spot can do wonders to refresh the mood of your employees.

Besides providing enough space to move around and sit, choosing pleasing colours and giving a theme to your canteen can make it even more exciting.

Try to design your canteen with bright walls, interesting artwork, beautiful indoor plants and some vintage furniture to make it lively and a chilled-out space.

The décor of your canteen area should not be an extension of the rest of your office premise. Instead, try to make the space a little different.

It will enable your employees to disconnect from their workspace for a while, and help them refresh their mind. Though, you should not overdo the décor part. Opt for décor ideas that work best with the space available.

Opt for natural light, as far as possible. Strategic lighting can help define the different uses of space. For example, bright lights in the communal tables area can be energizing, while softer lighting in lounge areas can create a more relaxing mood. Views of plants, whether indoor or outside, tap the natural human desire for connection with living things.   

6. Don’t Forget The Flooring:

A slip-resistant and easy-to-maintain flooring is the right choice for your canteen. An untidy and slippery floor can make both your employees and canteen workers go crazy. We recommend you to always go for flooring options that resist dirt accumulation and are easy to clean spillages.

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7. Add An Entertainment Room:

As you create a happening canteen area, we recommend you to add some elements of fun that really help your employees relieve stress and give them a chance to unwind for a time.

Install game tables or provide space for other fun and non-work related activities.

It will not only create a relaxed office environment but will also give your employees a chance to interact with each other at a personal level and build stronger relationships.  

8. Make It As Interactive As Possible:

To make the best use of your canteen area, you may turn it into an interactive space for employees and visitors as well.

Place a board on a section of wall, and ask your staff to write inspirational quotes or random thoughts that may urge anyone to ponder on.

You may also display a list of health and safety guidelines, or post company policies for new employees. And, you could always utilize the space as an office event notification forum to let your staff know what’s going on!

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When you have a nice and interactive canteen space, how could you forget to celebrate birthdays and team achievements there? Make the best use of this space for making memories with your office staff. It will definitely turn the space into one of the most positive corners of your office premise.

An attractive and chilled-out office canteen area is a win-win thing for you and your staff.

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