How to Design A Great Home Office!

Working from home can be a huge relief as you avoid the unnecessary stress of getting stuck in traffic and reaching late for your meeting.

Statistics about remote work show that 82% telecommuters reported lower stress levels!

Many companies are responding positively to the concept of ‘work from home’ recognising the fact that providing such flexibility will only add to their productivity. Working from home can be great if an ample distinction is made between distractions and actual working space.

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Missing out on important work due to discomfort and disturbances is the last thing you would want. Instead, an office that reflects both comfort and a sense of design is a place that you would love to work in!

Let’s look at some ways to create a charming yet functional home office for you!

Your Ultimate Guide To A Stylish Home Office!

Here are a few tips to ensure that your home office is functionally sound and aesthetically pleasing!

1.  Select The Right Location:

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One of the many benefits of a home office is you get to pick the exact location of your work area. Don’t stifle yourself on space since you will be spending majority time of your day here.

Use the guest room if needed, which is mostly vacant and works great if you need privacy while working.

Stay out of trafficked areas and find a quiet corner of the house, in case having an entire room is not feasible.

2. Brighten It Up:

Deciding on the location of your workspace is one thing, but deciding on the wall colours for your home office feels rightfully liberating!

Choose inspiring colours such as hues of orange and yellow which imbibes freshness. Green is the colour of productivity which you can use too.

Just select the paint colours which get you in an upbeat mood to get up and working!

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3. Choose The Right Furniture:

Choose furniture that serves your purpose and looks aesthetically appealing. It should mix with the furniture style in the rest of your house and not look out of the place.

Consider your workflow and which items you need every day, before investing in your furniture. Never compromise on a good chair. Show yourself some love while picking out a well designed, ergonomically-correct chair, as you don’t want to end up feeling sore and having back aches at the end of the day.

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4. The ‘View’ Matters:

We tend to get so lost in the din of work that we forget to take a break.

Take breaks from time to time to protect your eyes from the strain of staring at the laptop screen all day.

Position your chair overlooking a view that is interesting and peaceful.

Having a window next to your desk is great as you can bask in natural light which means less strain on your eyes. If you do not have a window in the room, maybe hang a pretty picture above your desk or some inspirational quotes or a picture of your family reminding your purpose of working hard!

Keep a table lamp to ensure enough light, if you need to work late into the night!

5. Accessorize:

Choose accessories that enhance the comfy feeling of your home office. Pretty personalised coffee mugs, trendy notepads and sticky notes are all great ideas to get cosy while working. Who says work should not be fun?

In fact, you should feel great while working, especially when you have the privilege to design your home office. Creating a homely atmosphere can lend a sense of familiarity to your work and increases your efficiency.

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6. Go Green:

If you are a nature lover, you can incorporate tiny green plants as a part of decorating your home office.

Real plants add more than just a colourful element to your office. They help clear keep the air clear and fresh.

Place some house plants, particularly those with broad leaves, on your desk at work. Studies have shown that doing so has a positive effect on the occupants, helping to reduce stress and fatigue and enhance productivity.

7. Get Creative With Storage:

You need a place to stack up all your paperwork. Keep the desk surface clean and clutter free.

Easy-to-build wall shelves allow you to stack magazines and books in close proximity while freeing up space on your desk. Stay organized by investing in a table equipped with storage - this frees up space too!

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8. Plan for Visitors:

If you will be having clients in your home office, be sure that they don’t have to walk around your entire house. Your house might not be in the best of shape and it gives out a very unprofessional image.

Keep things as professional as possible and consider the privacy of your work. If clients will be waiting for an appointment with you, provide comfortable seating and some interesting books to read.

9. Inspiring Board:

Investing in a board featuring daily to-dos certainly helps on the productivity front. Add goals for the future in the form of photos and messages.

Turn your board into a vision by featuring the things you are most likely to accomplish in the near and distant future and watch as your daily motivation increases.
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10. Go Wireless:

Avoid adding a cluttered and tangled mess unnecessarily by using as much technology as you can. Keyboards, mice, printers and your internet connection can all be shared wirelessly, giving you more flexibility with your furniture arrangements and keeping your space tidy and aesthetically appealing. Or you can also hide away all the cords in a clean storage box.

Go ahead and try out these ideas! Have the flexibility to set your own schedules in the comfort of self-designed beautiful office home for yourself!

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