Creative Ways To Utilise The Under-Sink Areas In Your Bathroom And Kitchen

The under-sink areas of your bathroom and kitchen are usually either under-utilised… or not utilised at all!

With a few tricks and practical design ideas, you can make this awkward area look good and add a bit of functional value too.

Here’s How You Can Make Under-Sink Areas Functional!

Use these techniques to fully utilise the areas under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. You  can also download the visual guide at the end of this post to refer later!

1. Leave the plumbing exposed!

Creative Ways To Utilise Under-Sink Areas (1).jpg

You may choose to give your bathroom an industrial look while leaving the plumbing area exposed. Though, you can do it only when the plumbing is worthy to show-off.

2. Make space for a vanity stool!

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With less space and small flats available under a decent budget, our bathroom often ends up as a dressing space. If that’s the case, then why not tuck a vanity stool beneath your sink? It may glide under the basin and embrace the shape of the plumbing. And, will also add a style statement to the under-sink space.

For this, however, you need to ensure the area around the sink remains dry for most parts.

3. Seal with perforated or mesh panelling!

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Do those rusty pipes make your sink area look untidy and leave you grumpy? Then, seal the under-sink area of your kitchen or bathroom with mesh or perforated panelling in a quick and cheap way. Opting for closed cabinets may seal in the moisture, while perforated panels let air pass through and keep the area odour-free.

4. Storage under the sink!

Creative Ways To Utilise Under-Sink Areas (4).jpg

Yes! Your under-sink area can be a great space to store things. With simple tricks to organize your space, like rolling up the towels and using a basket for knick-knacks, you can do a lot with it! You may add shelves, drawers and cabinets underneath your sink, and manage that space like a pro.

5. Place a cabinet!

Creative Ways To Utilise Under-Sink Areas (5).jpg

Go for shelves or create some space for bins. Get a customized cabinet to keep all the unsightly mess hidden and make the under-sink area work for you. You may also opt for installing a tip-out tray, which can be utilized to keep your bathroom and kitchen materials.

6. Hide It With A Curtain!

Creative Ways To Utilise Under-Sink Areas (6).jpg

If you are looking for low-maintenance options that do not absorb moisture and look decent at the same time, then we suggest you cover up your under-sink zone with a cloth or polyamide curtains. It will add a grace to the area in an effortless style.

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Here's a quick visual guide you can download and refer later!