Doing Away With Walls: Creative Ways to Partition Spaces

Ever walked into a new apartment wishing the rooms were a bit larger or the kitchen had some extra space or there was a little play area for the kids? All of us are familiar with such feelings but are handicapped by the pre-divisioned spaces with huge walls.

What if there was an open floor space and you had the luxury to design it by doing away with walls completely?

You’d get to carve out designated areas that function differently based on your needs and arrive at a flexible solution while doing so… all without the finality of cemented walls!

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But, before you think about banishing walls for good, you need to remember a few things.

  • If you stay in an overcrowded city like Mumbai, where most apartments have limited space already, breaking down walls may not be a viable option.

  • Breaking down walls could also affect the beams and columns of a residential building - causing structural damage that could be dangerous!

It is important to take advice from an expert before doing away with the walls!

Let’s dig deeper into some of the best and creative ways to partition spaces, that you would love to incorporate into your home!

Creative Ways To Partition Spaces Without Walls!

Here are a few interesting ways to create separate spaces within your home… without using walls! These are best suited for open layouts. And... Don't forget to download the visual guide at the end!

1. Level Change:

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A slightly raised floor in one section of the room easily creates a distinction between different areas while making the transition smooth and appealing. Just adding a couple of steps gives the area a defined look, successfully creating a separation.

A change in the type and colour of flooring also accentuates the difference between two sections.

2. Smart Shelving:

Ways To Partition Spaces (2).png

Smart shelving units present another functional way to divide the room effortlessly. You can use this idea to create a visually separating aura between your living room and the kitchen, or even your living area and your bedroom, whatever seems more suitable for your apartment.

What’s more, you can use these shelves to store not just your books, but also small accessories, decorative vases, scented candles or just about anything.

They fulfil the dual role of adding a chic element to your home along with providing an independent space.

3. Look Towards the Ceiling!

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Defining a ceiling as just an overhead shelter is underestimating the power of it, mainly because it can be styled in so many different ways. Various types of false ceilings do the trick of individualising a space by clearly setting its borders.

Much like a raised floor, a dropped ceiling also allows you to highlight a certain feature in an open floor plan.

If a false ceiling is not your thing, you can also change the material at the ceiling level, while the flooring stays consistent or can be changed too, depending on your choice. It is also one of the ways which can be used to mark two separate territories.

4. Lighting:

Ways To Partition Spaces (4).png

The correct lighting has the power to dramatically make any space appear more prominent. It’s up to you to utilise it effectively and help apportion different areas in a single floor plan, just with proper lighting.

Use a set of recessed lights evenly across the ceiling to fashion a basic layer of lighting and then add several layers on top of this to distinguish various individual spaces.

A theatrical looking chandelier looming large over the dining table instantly attracts the eye and creates an immense visual appeal!

5. Play With Colour:

Ways To Partition Spaces (5).jpg

Whoever said that an open floor plan can only include one single colour, sounded really boring! Organization can also come with the smart use of colour.

Certainly, a uniform backdrop for the entire space seems more sensible, but pops of colours on different walls can delineate spaces beautifully.

Don’t forget to add colour with the help of throw pillows, chairs with distinct hues and kitchen cabinets, all merging cohesively yet lending an individual charm!

6. Curtains:

Ways To Partition Spaces (6).jpg

Even without a nook, curtains can split a room in half! Simple and easy to install, they will be able to create a defined space in a snap!

The best part is that you can take them down if you wish to, very easily and put them on, when you desire privacy. When closed, it’s a change of scenery and two intimate spaces are created.

Curtains are light in weight and provide amazing height, adding an aerial look to your space. You are spoilt with different choices of curtains in the form of solid colours or varied prints!

7. Define The Space With Rugs:

Ways To Partition Spaces (7).jpg

Area Rugs are a  go-to way to define zones! Use rugs to demarcate various spaces while bringing a sense of sophistication and posh elegance to your home.

They are available in a variety of patterns and colours which you can change seasonally to create a trendy look.

Rugs bring the décor together and clearly create a more organized and curated space.

8. Screens:

Ways To Partition Spaces (8).jpg

Screens come in various styles, textures and sizes which you can use for dividing two spaces, without using walls! They not only help define zones but also let natural light float over the entire area.

You can also opt for flexible screens that help segment spaces and can be removed completely when they are not required.

9. Curved Sofas:

Ways To Partition Spaces (9).jpg

Curved or sectional sofas are also a great way to create separate spaces. It makes for cosy seating and also helps save space!

These ideas should help you in creating spaces with distinct borders in an apartment with an open floor plan and lend an organized, tidy appeal to your lovely nest that you call home! So go ahead and bring down those walls!

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