Contractor vs Interior Designer - What's The Difference? What Should You Opt For?

Have you often wondered how different it would be, to get your home done up all by yourself, as against hiring an interior designer? Wouldn’t it be great if you could decide how a particular room looks and feels like, instead of depending entirely on the interior designer’s expertise? All you would need is a bevy of contractors and subcontractors to do your bidding. Wait a minute - you do know the difference between a contractor and an interior designer, don't you? No? Well, we have the answers! Let’s take a look at Contractor VS Interior Designer - what’s the difference between both, and which of the two would suit you best.

Contractor vs Interior Designers - What's the Difference? What should you opt for?

You can differentiate between contractors and interior designers based on the services they offer.

1. Contractor VS Interior Designers - What Do They Do?

Contractors focus on the execution of the project - based on the instructions provided by the homeowners. The homeowners have to be specific about their expectations, and tell the contractor exactly what they are looking for.

Interior designers are design experts - they visit your space, listen to your requirements, visualise the changes needed, and based on their observations, give you an idea as to how your space would look like after the project. Once you give them the go-ahead, they will take care of the sourcing of materials, hiring the contractor, subcontractors, etc. Every interior designer tends to have a particular ‘style’ or ‘flair’. Here too, the homeowner must clearly convey his/her expectations and requirements to get the best results.

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2. Contractor VS Interior Designers - Budget and Pricing?

When you hire a contractor, you basically pay for the execution of the project. The contractor will follow your instructions to the T, and give you what you asked for - even if what you asked for isn’t sound in terms of design. Although hiring a contractor might seem cheaper, the price you pay for rework and rectifications, owing to the lack of expertise, might overshoot your budget.

An interior designer draws up a quotation that covers everything - from the designs discussed, to the prices of the materials to be used, the costs of hiring the contractors and subcontractors, etc. based on the budget conveyed by the homeowner. Since, the plan of action has already been discussed between the homeowner and the designer, there is chances of changes, thereby reducing the possibility of rework/rectifications to the bare minimum.

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3. Contractor VS Interior Designers - Time Taken For Completion?

When you work with a contractor, you, the homeowner, are the one calling all the shots. In other words, you decide the timeline for the various phases of the project.

When you hire an interior designer, you need to be prepared for a longer timeline - the consultation process, deciding on the final designs, drawing up the quotation, finalising it, and getting the final show on the road will take time. The interior designer will decide the schedule for the various phases of the project.

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4. Contractor VS Interior Designers - What To Look For?

Contractors are straightforward, and will rarely offer any tips for betterment. They are focused purely on the job at hand and will deliver as per instructions provided.

Interior designers are professionals - they will provide constant updates about the status of the project, and will also proactively suggest improvements or changes, if needed. They will also follow-up post the completion of the project, and offer their services to rectify problems, if any.

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5. Contractor VS Interior Designers - Whom Do You Hire?

Hire a contractor for service based tasks - electrical wiring, carpentry, piping, false ceilings, etc. which are execution-focused and can be done without excessive emphasis on design. Hiring one is suitable for someone who has the experience and the time to instruct the contractor.

Hiring an interior designer works best for those who don’t have the time to micro-manage the interior design project by themselves - once the project is handed over to the designer, the designer effectively takes care of everything, from the design to the final execution.

You may also choose to hire an interior designer AND a contractor - to consult the designer for the design, and rely on your own contractors, subcontractors and the like, for executing as per the plan.

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