Sofa, So Good! - Choosing The Right Sofa For Your Home

A sofa is a crucial piece of furniture for your home both in terms of aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. It provides seating, makes guests feel at home offers a place to lounge around at home, and could also be used to divide a room. One needs to ensure that sofa that is chosen for your home suits the needs and the looks of the space.

Spoilt For Choice - Types Of Sofas To Choose From!

Sofas are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in terms of design, structure, size and utility. Compared to other living room items such as tables, chairs or even desks, the number of options for sofas is significantly higher. They can be two or three seaters, printed or monochromatic, fluffy or firm and so on. This is why one needs to pay attention to certain important criteria that need to be kept in mind while choosing a sofa. These are:

  • Space available

  • Estimated seating capacity required

  • Cost of the sofa

  • Colour scheme of the walls, flooring and other furniture

  • Type of fabric to be used for the sofa

  • Uses of the sofa

  • Amount of natural and artificial light to which the sofa is exposed

  • Cleaning and maintenance - frequency, difficulty and cost

  • Height of the sofa

Once you have taken a stance regarding each factor that plays a role in deciding which sofa is good for your home, it is time to start exploring styles and patterns in order to zero in on your dream sofa for your dream home. Here are seven types of sofas that you can try.... And a pretty cool visual guide awaits at the end.

1. Sectional Sofas

Sofa, So Good! (5).png

This type of sofa is suitable for seating many people at the same time. As the name suggests, it is split into sections.

One with two sections is L-shaped while one with three sections is U-shaped.

The former can also be paired with other seating arrangements. A centre table is highly recommended along with a sectional sofa. Due to the size and nature of the sofa, it is difficult to come across variety in terms of the base material used. If you entertain guests frequently or have a large family and adequate space to host a sectional sofa, this can be the perfect fit for your home.

2. Loveseat

Sofa, So Good! (6).png

A loveseat is essentially a two-seater.

Unlike its name, it need not necessarily be cosy and cute.

There can be sturdy two-seaters which also fall under this category. This type of sofa is perfect for small to medium-sized spaces. It is an elegant seating solution for two or even three people sometimes when there is a space constraint. It does not occupy as much space as the bigger sofa sets so that a cramped look is avoided.

3. Chaise Lounge

Sofa, So Good! (7).png
A chaise lounge is a type of sofa that looks vaguely similar in terms of structure to a single royal bed.

There are curved or fancy edges and no distinct seats, which makes it good for stretching out and relaxing. This sofa is usually padded or cushioned till the handle. One can experiment with colours, prints and patterns on a chaise lounge.

This is also a good place to arrange throw pillows or coloured cushions. A nicely done chaise lounge can be an eye-catching piece of furniture and also a comfortable and one to relax in.

4. Sofa-cum-bed or Futon

Sofa, So Good! (3).jpg

This is a simple, fun and funky solution to your issues with furniture.

As the name suggests, it is a sofa that also doubles up as a bed.

The mattress can be folded to act as a cushion or the structure itself can be modified in order to convert a sofa to a bed and back again. Most futons are also lighter than regular sofas which makes it easier to do so.

these are definitely an option to consider, especially if you are pressed for living space. Futons are also more economical since they cover the cost of two major household furniture items - a sofa set and a bed.

The benefits in terms of functionality, ease of use and cost make it a viable option for bachelors, hostels and those who are staying alone.

5. Modular Sofas

Sofa, So Good! (4).jpg

Modular sofas are made for the modern home. They are quite heavily cushioned on all sides, so they make very comfortable seats.

Though they are soft, they give off a very sturdy and strong look, which can make them a statement in your living room.

They usually come in single colours (mostly shades of grey) or sport subtle prints or texture. This makes them an excellent background for experimenting with cushions and heavily printed or embroidered upholstery. The maintenance for such sofas is a little more intense than that for other types of sofas, but it is a small price to pay for a modern majestic look.

6. Wooden or Cane Sofas

Sofa, So Good!.jpg

These are probably one of the most underrated types of sofas. They are made of wood or cane and therefore have a solid appearance. They are also usually light in colour.

Stocky and well-fitting cushions are recommended for such sofas.

The unique aspect of cane chairs is that it does not necessarily need cushions. They exude an elegance of their own even without a plush seat. However, this is contingent on the design and the height of the sofa.

Another plus point of having a wooden or cane set is that individual chairs can be placed in places other than the living area. They can be used for reading or in the bedroom or in a semi-outdoor space like a balcony.

So if you have a cane sofa set that comes with single chairs, you can move these around quite a bit inside your home. Wooden and cane sofas give off a rustic vibe, and this can help in establishing the notion of comfort.

7. Camel-back

Sofa, So Good! (1).jpg

This is the sofa that you need to choose if you are looking for a stylish, ornate piece of furniture for your living room.

This sofa has a back support that is curved upwards and derives its name from this feature.

It usually has a sturdy yet well-carved seating arrangement. The handles and legs also have a matching finish. The seating is not always soft. To complement the intricate design, the seating can have large floral prints or some others type of heavy print or a grand colour scheme.

A camel-back can be a two or a three seater. Unlike the modular sofa sets, it is usually not compartmentalised. This sofa can be paired with matching individual single seaters to make a cute and artsy living room statement.

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Visual Guide On The Types Of Sofas