Paint It Or Stick It? How To Choose Between Paint Or Wallpapers For Your Walls!

One wonderful way to give your home a dramatic makeover is simply to change how the walls look! The right use of wallpaper and paint can transform your house. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, the right choice will depend on your own, unique style quotient!

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Confused whether to use wallpaper or paint those walls for a complete makeover? Here are a few pointers!

Wallpapers Or Paint? Choose The Right One For Your Walls!

Let’s find out which of the two would be ideal for your home!

1. Variety

Using different varieties and textures on your walls can make a unique style statement. There are unlimited options available for both wallpapers and paints.

For Paints:

Paints are available in a variety of colours and types. There are numerous ways of applying paints - they can be textured and designed as per your requirements. You can choose from different finishes such as matte, satin, semi-glossy and glossy.

For Wallpapers:

Wallpapers are also available in a variety of designs, colours and textures. They have both traditional and modern designs. Wallpapers come in different finishes like vinyl, foil printed etc. Your choice of design can be printed on fabric like silk, suede etc.

Which One Do You Pick?

To create feature walls using paint would be the best idea but if you want intricate patterns or bold designs for your walls, then a wallpaper is the better bet!

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2. Application

For Paints:

When the two are compared, paint is easier to use in Indian homes. Paint doesn’t take very long to dry out in Indian weather conditions. When walls are painted and in good condition, an application of a fresh coat of paint is hassle-free. A new coat can be applied over the old one.

Special care must be taken to ensure that the floor is covered well so that paint does not leave stains on the floor and furniture!

For Wallpapers:

Applying wallpapers needs expertise to ensure that the pattern is aligned properly and paper is stuck well to the wall.  It is a task that is time-consuming and requires a great deal of patience.

This holds good while stripping wallpaper too. Old wallpaper will have to be removed before applying the new one. If the wallpaper is not installed properly it can develop bubbles, start peeling off from the sides etc. Wallpapers can be effectively used to cover up surface imprecations.

Both paint and wallpaper require smoothened walls for application to ensure durability.

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3. Durability

For Paints:

Good quality paint, that has been finished well, can last up to five years. In areas of high usage, the paint may tend to fade or flake off. Exposure to sunlight and moisture can cause paint to fade. Retouching of paint may be necessary after about three years especially in light colours.

For Wallpapers:

Wallpaper is far more durable. Once applied, they can last for as long as fifteen years. Though a wallpaper may tear. Once damaged, it will have to be completed stripped and replaced, which is more time-consuming than re-painting.

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4. Cost

For Paints:

Paint is easily available and the time, effort and skill required to paint a wall is comparatively less. The overall cost of painting a wall is less than sticking wallpapers.

For Wallpapers:

Though wallpaper is more expensive than paint, it lasts longer and therefore is a one-time investment. In the long run, it becomes cost effective.

5. Areas of Usage

For Paints:

Generally, paint is suitable for all areas except those that are exposed to heat. Exposure to heat can cause paint to peel.

For Wallpapers:

Wallpaper can easily be torn and damaged, so it is best not to use it in the children’s room. It can peel when exposed to heat and moisture. So avoid using it in the kitchen and bathrooms as well.

How Do You Decide Between The Two?

Decide whether to use wallpaper or paint, depending on the area you are using it.

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6. Aesthetics

Both wallpaper and paint can be used aesthetically to enhance the beauty of a given room. Textured paint or vibrantly patterned wallpaper can create fantastic backgrounds for furniture.

You can create any background you have ever imagined and even find your own distinctive style while recreating your house.

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7. Customization

For Paints:

It is easy to customize paint. It is easy to produce any colour that you want. The options available are tremendous. You can choose from a wide range of hues and tints and you can mix these until you find the exact colour that you are looking for.

Swatch sampling can be done at your home. With paint, any variation in colour that you desire can be formulated within hours.

For Wallpapers:

The idea of using wallpaper is still new in India. There is an array of standard designs but it might be difficult to find someone to customize wallpaper. But using wallpaper can have a stunning effect on walls.

Wallpaper and paint do not need to be used exclusively. They can be mixed together to create stunning walls. Wallpaper with bright, bold designs can be used to instantly increase the appeal of a drawing room whereas paint can be used in rooms with greater usage.

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