Ceiling Lights That Make You Go 'WOW!'

Lighting plays an important role in the appearance of your home!

Good lighting will accentuate your favourite furnishings and artwork; Conversely, bad lighting can make even the most beautiful home accessories appear drab or harsh.

Of all the options, ceiling lights offer a lot of scope for experimentation, when it comes to the kind of atmosphere you want in your home.

Here is a versatile list of ceiling lights you can choose from, based on the kind of look you want for your home!

Types Of Ceiling Lights You Can Choose From!

Here are some options you can choose from for your home!

1. Chandeliers

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When it comes to ceiling lights, the first style that must be coming to your mind are of fancy chandeliers. Delicately carved designed branches and multiple holders of light bulbs make these stylish hanging lights a sophisticated, and functional choice for your room.

Chandeliers come with a plethora of variants in the market.

You may choose from a traditional crystal-like shiny large chandelier to antler, bowl and lantern-style chandeliers.

As chandeliers require multiple bulbs to be used, choose bulbs with optimum voltage, for the electricity consumption will vary accordingly.

Also, while installing chandeliers, you need to make sure that the ceiling height must be above 10 feet to avoid any disruption in the movement.

2. Flush Mount Lights

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If your home has a low ceiling, then you should go with flush mount lights. You may hang these fixtures flat on the ceiling, thus, making them ideal for your low-ceiling house.

The biggest advantage of opting for them is that they spread light over a large area as they are quite close to the ceiling. So, these can be a good choice if you want to light up every corner of your room. Moreover, this kind of lighting is perfect for every room, and a safe bet when it comes to protecting your kids and pets from touching them.

As far as economic advantages of opting for such lights are concerned, these lights are quite cheaper in comparison to hanging lights.

These lights are available in materials like copper, glass and plastic, and you may choose from traditional, transitional and contemporary styled lights.

Also, depending on your varied requirements, they can be easily fitted with incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFLs, and even halogen lights.

So, light up your closets, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways and rooms where the ceiling height is less than 8 feet, and feel the spark!

3. Semi-Flush Mount Fixtures

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Do you want to hang a chandelier, but your ceiling does not have that required height for it? Worry, not! Go for semi-flush mount fixtures.

You can hang them at approximately 4-8 inches away from the ceiling.

A combination of chandeliers and flush mount lights, these lights are best to opt for when you can’t go with a chandelier but want to use a fixture that stands out. These fixtures are certainly going to add a statement to the appearance of your room. Available at cheaper rates, these fixtures can be fitted with any bulb.

4. Pendant Lights

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You can go for oversized pendant lights that are in trend right now. You can hang them in your bedrooms or common rooms too.

They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. You have plenty of options to go for while buying pendant lights like glass, lantern, bowl, etc.

Though these lights can also be fitted with any type of bulbs, some sleek designs might go with LED decorative bulbs only.

It’s recommended to use them where the ceiling height is over 10 feet.

5. Track Lights

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If you are an art lover, then track lights are the best choice to make. They are best to bring out the beauty of things in an exhibition, like paintings or curios at home.

Use them in the living room and hallways, or where you want to highlight a specific section of your home or a wall. You can fit these walls with 3W-9W bulbs. You may opt for spotlights, directional lights, or even rail lights, and add elegance to the whole setting.

The tip is to mount these lights parallel to the wall, depending on the height of your ceiling.

6. Recessed Lights

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Well-placed recessed lighting (also known as can lights or downlights) can highlight a room's best feature or help us focus on the task at hand.

Also, opt for them when you want a softer lighting option for your home. These lights can go with LED, cove lights, or backlit panels.

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