The Ultimate Resource On Buying The Right Type And Quality Of Furniture For Your Home!

When it comes to buying the right furniture for your home, you need to be choosy. For, every piece of furniture comes with a different set of features, and thus, you have to determine if that particular piece matches with your needs or not.  

Furniture is a one-time investment. And, that’s why it becomes important that you consider specific parameters for every piece of furniture that you buy. Be it a sofa, a lamp table or even a coffee table; it should match with your needs and style.

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So, before you decide to shell out thousands of bucks for a piece of furniture, here is our guide to help you find the right type and quality of furniture that fits well in your home.

And, if you are in a rush, feel free to download our visual guide on how to ensure you buy the right type and quality of furniture!

Guide To Buying The Right Type And Quality Of Furniture For Your Home!

Let’s look at a few things to remember before buying a piece of furniture for your home!

1. Determine Your Needs!

Furniture is essentially a functional commodity. It is important to determine your needs before you buy furniture - how long would you want it to last, the kind of finish you are looking for, whether it would match the rest of the decor, etc.

Along with your needs, there are also constraints when it comes to furnishing. These constraints could relate to space, health, budget, or any other special need. Knowing both your furniture needs and constraints can help you explore furnishing possibilities better.

For small spaces, your furniture will need to fulfil a major functional need - that of storage!
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2. Identify Your Style!

Are you looking for a signature piece? Or are you okay to buy one that’s been mass-produced? Make sure you know your style, before buying any furniture.

It is important to identify the interior design style of your home before buying any furniture. Furniture that is in keeping with your style or complements it successfully makes your space not just comfortable, but attractive as well.

3. Check The Quality Of Wood Furniture!

How do you tell that what you are buying is good quality furniture? Especially, when there is such a great variety to choose from? Before you buy any wood furniture, check for features such as sturdiness, and alignment.

To check the finish to see if it is good quality try running your hand over it to feel any imperfections or blemishes. It should feel smooth and pleasing to the touch. Even distressed furniture should have texture, but no rough patches.

Additionally, make sure that the wood has the necessary qualities, based on where you will be putting the furniture. For eg., in case of bathroom furniture, or furniture for your kitchen, you would need moisture resistant material, namely Marine Ply.

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4. Avoid ‘Rookie’ Mistakes!

One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to measure your space as well as your furniture. For small spaces, especially, it is important to first identify the spot where you will be placing the furniture, and measure it accurately - the smallest mistake could lead to a loss in space that you cannot afford!

Another common mistake before buying furniture is not considering who will be using it. If you are looking for a bed for your aged parents, make sure it is low. If you have children in the house, it is ideal to buy furniture with smoothened edges, and also avoid pieces that are too delicate!

Another important aspect of learning how to buy furniture is to look beyond trends and buy furniture based on quality and usefulness. For a home to look good, all elements need to complement each other - buying something on a whim might end up ruining the aesthetic balance of your abode!

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5. Don’t Forget Storage!

It is difficult to have spacious homes in overcrowded metros like Mumbai! One of the important factors while choosing furniture, is to make sure it has some scope for storage.

For eg., Most houses have a unit that houses the TV and other entertainment appliances. This unit serves as incredible storage space with its many drawers. It is also a great place to showcase pictures, souvenirs, etc.

The bed is also a great place to store stuff that you don’t use every day!

Your kitchen also needs furniture that has storage space - overhead cabinets, storage under the kitchen platform, racks built on the insides of the doors, etc.

Now that we have stated the basic things to remember while buying furniture, here are some specific pointers to help you choose the pieces that suit your home best!

Remember This Before Buying Your Furniture!

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Before You Buy A Sofa:

Getting a sofa that matches your décor, style and comfort requirements is very essential. You just can’t shift a sofa of your living room in a guest room. The space and requirement of that piece of furniture in that particular room needs to be determined, or else it will end up creating a chaos all around.

Besides that, you also need to check if it’s made of good quality material and fabric, and it exudes your sense of style.

Choose the fabric of the upholstery practically - Silk might look rich, but it needs a lot of care! Make sure you have the time and resources to care for them!

Before You Buy A Futon:

The term ‘Futon’ used to be referred for simple mattresses that you can roll up and store away after the use. But, now this piece of furniture also includes the mattress that has a metal or wooden frame. And, you can’t roll it up anymore.

So, before you buy a futon for your home, try to get one with a size and style that can be used as a bed or seating, and meets all your needs and preferences.

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Before You Buy A Bed:

When it comes to buying a bed, comfort is the essential feature you must be looking for. And, as beds of all styles, sizes and heights are available in the market these days, choose a bed that adds your style statement to the room. And, give you all reasons to surrender!

If you have a small space, make sure you choose a bed that has scope for under-bed storage - it can be a lifesaver when you’ve got to get rid of clutter!

In addition to buying a bed for yourself, you may also want to buy a suitable bed for a child or a guest. Sometimes, you may be short on space. But there are plenty of choices for all kinds of beds, such as bunk beds, toddler beds, daybeds, or even regular beds in twin, full, queen, or king sizes depending on your needs.

Before You Buy A Dining Set:

Dining tables are meant to bring your family together. And, they are used not only for eating food together, but they bring a conversation in the room. You spend a lot of time there and have good discussions over the table. Thus, it’s important that your dining set just serves the purpose depending on its use, besides being stylish and comfortable.

If you have children in the house, avoid buying a glass-top table - it needs a lot of delicate handling!
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Before You Purchase a Table Lamp:

A table lamp adds a decorative value to your room besides light. If you need a lamp that can be a major source of light, a taller lamp is the suitable choice. While smaller table lamps can be used for accent lighting.

Choose a shade for your lamp that adds a style statement to your room, and can also serve the function you have bought it for.

Before You Purchase a Coffee Table:

A coffee table is often the focal point of a room. But before you buy a coffee table, you need to determine its other functions than just how it looks. Besides shape and size, get a coffee table that best fits your needs.

For, if you have toddlers in your home, you might certainly want to avoid a glass coffee table!

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The furniture you choose should be long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and have some scope for storage!

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