Is It A Good Idea To Get Bunk Beds For Your Kids? Read This Before You Answer!

Kids love bunk beds! And you can’t really blame them!

They are fun and funky, come in playful colours and patterns, and are way cooler than normal beds. Most parents prefer them too, considering space and economic constraints.

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However, not all is hunky-dory with bunk beds!

So, before you consider to invest in one, weigh the pros and cons to make a wise decision.

Benefits Of Getting A Bunk Bed For Your Kids!

Here’s why getting a bunk bed for your kids may be a great idea.

1. Bunk Beds Are Compact

The space occupied by two beds is equal to the space occupied by one. Your bedroom may not have the space to move around and can end up too stuffy when getting two separate beds for your children. The vertical arrangement of the bunk bed can open up more space for other furniture too.

2. Comes With Storage And Shelves

Bunk beds are made for clever utilization of space. Another utility that comes with most of them, is the option of organized storage with the inclusion of drawers, shelves and mini cabinets for toys, books, clothes and more.

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3. Kids Get Their Private Space

Even though it is a shared bedroom, the purpose is served. It gives a small private space for each child. It not just gives them their own personal space but also develops the habit of sleeping independently.

4. They Can Be Separated

Most bunk beds come with an option to get detached once you think the kids have outgrown it. So, you don’t have to worry if it will work in the long-term view. When your children are in their tweens, you can detach them into two separate twin single beds. Now, this offers you great flexibility and value for money.

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More importantly, it can help your children to bond and spend time together, which they may otherwise not. It is a handy way of implementing the importance of sharing.

Pitfalls Of Getting A Bunk Bed For Your Kids!

Here are some pitfalls you need to consider before investing in a bunk bed!

1. Safety Concerns

This is certainly the main concern with bunk beds. Especially, since the top bunk is too close to the ceiling, and your kid might try to reach out to the fan or the ceiling light!

However, you can address this safety concern with some preventive measures and guidelines.

First and foremost, bunk beds should be used for children aged 6 and above. Try to plan on assigning the bottom bunk to the younger kid.

Ensure that there is space between the top bunk and the ceiling so that kids have enough space, and don’t bump their heads or feel claustrophobic. Also, the bunk beds should have enough vertical clearance between the beds.

Opt for bunk beds with smooth and rounded edges, so that your kids don’t hurt themselves.

2. Accessing The Top Bunk

Making the bed each morning can be a little tricky for parents. But, with a well-fitted bottom sheet, all you need to worry about is placing the pillow and laying out the blanket.

Moreover, tucking your child in when in the top bunk can be challenging as well. We, recommend using a simple and sturdy step stool to reach out in this case.

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3. Navigating The Ladder

For a sleepy and tired child, it can be difficult to get up and down the ladder during the night. That is why we recommend a bunk bed with a strong and sturdy ladder system with comfortable steps.

It would also be great to provide a night lamp near the ladder for visibility during night.

Additionally, there’s always the case of siblings fighting over who gets to sleep on the top. You can avoid this situation by letting them take turns and encourage them to share. Also, enforce strict rules to prevent horsing around the bunk bed!

This Is The Bottom Line…

Despite the drawbacks of bunk beds, they still have lucrative advantages. With innovative designs and storage features of the modern bunk beds these days, it’s tempting to take a liking towards them. Follow some safety tips and make the best of your space with an economical bunk bed for your kids!

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Ensure to assess the strengths and shortcomings of the bunk bed for your room, before you make the decision to purchase one.

Leave your furnishing concerns to us and use Hipcouch’s professional assistance to design your children’s room in the way that works the best for you and your family!

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