Got A Brick Wall In Your Home? Here's How You Can Make The Most Of It!

Exposed brick walls have been around for quite some time! They are known to add character to a room.

Exposed brick walls are one of those flexible interior décor structures that function admirably with various décor themes, be it present day, provincial, diverse or ultra-modern. Brick walls give the impression of strength, and they brim with character, and best of all, there are numerous ways you can 'tie' them in with the prevailing décor in your home. What's more, they look as great in the terrace area as they do in the bedroom.

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Now, if you are amongst the lucky ones to have been blessed with an exposed brick wall, but find yourself coming to naught concerning creative ideas on decoration, worry not – we've compiled some tips to make your brick wall the showstopper element of the room.

If you DON'T have a brick wall, fret not, not everything is for everyone!

Here’s How You Can Use That Exposed Brick Wall To Your Advantage…

Whether they're old or new, brownish red or painted a stark white, bricks never appear to leave style. However, that doesn't mean exposed brick walls don't need a touch of adorning now and then. Here are some straightforward approaches to add corresponding accents to your house's most staggering component.

1. Install an open-supported racking before it

Just because the wall is stunning independent from anyone else doesn't mean you can't exploit its accessible area. As opposed to concealing the brick wall with a cumbersome cabinet, keep it uncovered and while you're at it, make it backless too.

For a more progressively integral look, pick a modern style with characteristic wood racks and a slight metal edge.

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2. Bright & light - go all white

Once you've painted your wall, you've committed yourself, and there's no going back then – so think and choose your color well. Even though it is conceivable to remove paint from brick later, the capacity of brick to assimilate paint into its permeable center makes this, to some degree, a dubious assignment.

For those who are confident of their choice, consider painting your brick wall a shade of white, for a couple of layers of this paint, and you'll save the surface of your brick wall and then again, you'll also be giving it a cleaner, progressively modern day look.

One bit of leeway of this look, other than its capacity to light up space, is how it can enable a space to feel peaceful, and almost zen-like. Also, if you mix various components with an all all-white look, such as the dividing walls and the ceiling, you'll end up with a bigger looking room and a pristine, all-white streamlined impact.

Psst! Here's a bedroom secret - An all-white look is particularly successful for bedrooms, as it has a cloud-like, romantic, fairytale-like intrigue.

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3. Prop up huge accentuations

This trick works like a dream for those who are not gung ho about heavy-duty furniture installations, re-painting, and major refurbishments - Consider inclining larger than average mirrors or picture outlines against the wall as opposed to hanging them. Keep little cupboards or tables before the large pieces.

4. Not for everyone – The whitewashed effect

For a genuine whitewashing impact, blend a little measure of water into your paint (about one section water to three sections paint as a beginning stage) and freely apply the blend with an enormous sized brush, giving it a chance to assimilate, applying again in uneven patches to accomplish a matured, slightly antiquated look.

Do remember to make sure you've taped off the skirting board or adjoining dividers and spread the floor with a newspaper or waste cloth – runny drops and trickles are not out of the ordinary.

Because the whitewash blend will have water mixed in, do note that the results will vary on precisely the amount of water you've put in. Additionally, depending on how randomly you've painted the blend, you'll have to factor in the inconsistent, broken or an all even, overcast washed look. Utilize more water and apply more uniform coats for a delicate look, or allow for drier paint if you want the brick a chance to stay revealed.

5. Bursts of shading and you're good to go

Brilliant, influential, bright works of art and furnishing items can and do make an exposed brick wall emerge considerably more. The cherry on this cake - Just a single, bold piece – and you'll naturally draw eyes to that spot.

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6. Indulge in some mirror magic

A huge ceiling-to-floor sized mirror will reflect the contrary wall, making the two different surfaces feel all the more outwardly integrated.

Alternately, in a more confined sort of space, a mirror can help block optical rehash and seem, by all accounts, to have the bricks sprinkled all through, rather than making the room look unbalanced.

7. A place for beautiful craftsmanship

A brick wall can make a fantastic setting for an infinite art exhibition; however remember that hanging craftsmanship (particularly a large-sized, substantially weighted item) may require additional exertion.

In all likelihood, you'll have to penetrate the cement (not merely the brick), drilling in about an inch deep. This sort of drilling work will call on using a particular stonework boring tool versus an ordinary one. Besides, you'll have to make sure to utilize brickwork screw stays to strengthen the association. When this is complete, you'll have the option to go big with artworks of your choice, aside from which you'll have created a personal art gallery in your very own home sweet home!

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8. Include wood accents and greenery around it

To stress on the earthy, grounded component of brick, encompass it extensively with a significant amount of nature in the form of potted plants and pretty climbing vines. Fuse wood accentuations such as picture outlines, racks, stepping stools, and bed rails and to finish it off, add as many potted plants as you possibly can.

If you pair darker shades of wood with brick, prepare to be astonished by the results!

There’s so much you can do with an exposed brick wall! However, make sure you take an expert’s opinion if you have the slightest doubt. Get in touch with Hipcouch for a free consultation.

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