The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Best Interiors Done In Mumbai!

A common question that confounds Mumbai homeowners is whether to get the interiors done by a professional or not. Some might question the need to spend more money when they have already paid through their nose for their apartment. Then, there might be some who might feel that it is worthless to spend on small Mumbai homes.

Forget homes, but even for offices, people are reluctant to get an interior designer fearing it would be expensive.

Well, the doubts may be many, but the answer is just one – You need an interior designer!

How does an interior designer enhance your home or office?

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Interior designing is not mere makeup to space, but it is about bringing to the fore the soul of your home!

1. Design the space, so it showcases who and what you are

What is the difference between a house and a home? House is merely a living space, but a home is where the hearth is! So, shouldn’t it reflect your personality? An interior designer will ensure that your personality shines through space.

Interior designing is not about turning your home into a hotel-like ambiance but to make it look like your home which comprises things you like, decorations that bring a smile to your face and accessories that are an extension of your beliefs and likes.

Ditto for your office – let it reflect your vision, your ideas, and your goals. Own your space with the help of an interior designer.

2. A professional touch can make all the difference

Interior designers are trained to make the best use of space in the best possible way. They will be able to visualise the space the way you won’t be able to see.

Interior designing is not just about aesthetics, but it is a well-balanced combination of art and science, which can only be ably brought about by a trained, professional, and experienced interior designer.

3. You can wish the sky but won’t it clutter your home?

So, you know what accessories, colours, furniture and lights you want for your home or office, and that may be a long list. Sometimes, in the excitement of doing up a new space, there is a chance of going overboard and later repenting because there is no space in your home/office but only clutter. Here is where professionalism can help you.

An interior designer will hear you out and present a design that will accommodate what you need, yet not going overboard. The result is a charming home or a functional office that is yours but in a controlled manner.

4. Interior designing need not drain your pocket but can save you money

Yes, you heard it right! An interior designer is a one-stop solution to every of your home decoration concerns, be it painting, lighting, contractors, and so on. Hand over your project, and they will do the needful.

No more rejections or spending on unwanted or unused things. You will have just what you need and in the most beautiful manner.

Finding the right interior designer for your Mumbai home

1. Get referrals

Ask around, friends, family, colleagues, or neighbours who recently got a renovation of their house or have worked with a designer for their home. Such referrals will be a great help because you will get honest feedback about their work.

You can also check out the completed projects. You also will be able to find about the expenses which will help you plan and budget your project more efficiently. It will help you head in the right direction.

2. Check online

Today, most reputed interior designers have their website which contains detailed information about their mode of working, their past projects, the team, and more. Some will even give you an online evaluation of your project wherein you can get a rough estimate of the expenses.

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3. Browse past projects

You can have a good idea about the talent and potential of the interior designer through their completed projects. It will reveal the way the interior designer has worked with the area, how ably they have used the concept, how they have interpreted the theme and so on.

4. Client feedback

You will find client feedbacks of projects on the website of the interior designer. If you do not find them trustworthy, you can ask for the contact information of former clients and get feedback directly from them. Reputed interior designers will only be ready to share information about their past clients.

5. An individual or a design firm?

You can choose any interior designer as per your choice because even individual interior designers work with a team and other amenities. A design firm is preferable because they have design partners and a team of talents with expertise in different design fields. Also, the scale at which a firm works is far higher than an individual so, that could also be helpful.

6. Modern technology is a must

Choose only those interior designers who work with modern tools. One who does not innovate as per trends isn’t reliable. One of the best technologies in interior designing is 3D visualisation. You will be able to see a visual representation of your designed home.

You can suggest changes or additions so that when the real work is completed, there is no need for rethinking.

7. Clear communication

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When you meet the interior designer, check out their approach and attitude. There are those who give their interior designer all the freedom, while some would expect the designer to work around their ideas and concepts.

No matter which team you are in, see whether the interior designer understands your point of view. If they are a know-it-all type who would underestimate your ideas, then it is better to be away from them. After all, it is your home, and it should reflect your personality.

It is the duty of the designer to find a midway that appeals to their design sensibilities as well as appreciates your vision.  

Why are online interior designers apt for today’s time?

There are umpteen reasons for choosing an online interior designer in Mumbai. Here are some:

1. No commute

Wading through Mumbai traffic or travelling in the local trains daily, is itself a chore. So, even the thought of travelling for days to an interior designer’s office may make you not want to go ahead.  Then, which office gives leave to meet an interior designer?

Thus, the best option is to consult a professional interior designer online. Submit the area of your house, discuss your vision, and even see a sample design or a 3D visualisation of your home design – all these and more is possible with online designers.

2. Saves money and hassles

Online interior designers do not charge consultation fees. Another plus is that you get complete details about the designer from their qualifications to past projects and customer reviews. It will help you decide if a particular designer is suitable for you or not.

Generally, an online interior designer only charges a flat fee per room and no additional charges as compared to a conventional interior designer.

3. You get a reputed interior designer

Though it is easy to come across many interior designers in Mumbai, not all are trustworthy. Since not many are aware of the difference between interior decorators and interior designers, there are also many untrained people who masquerade as designers.

On the other hand, you can easily find out the credentials, experience, and the past projects of the online designer on their website. You can also check more information about them via their social media pages and even get to know the feedback of past customers. Getting a reputed interior designer is half the job done!

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4. Quick and convenient customisation

Though customisation is the main advantage of hiring an interior designer, with an online interior designer, the process is faster and easier. Technology, such as 3D visualisation, makes customisation easier. You get to see how your home will look like post designing, and if you need to change anything, you can let the designer know then and there. The result is you can start the actual work without delay.

Make your Mumbai office the ideal workplace with the help of an interior designer

When every inch of space matters, it is important to make the best use of every nook and corner, and it is especially true in the case of commercial spaces. Your office should have three main crucial factors –beauty, comfort, and elegance.

The right balance is crucial to make it an inviting and inspiring place to work. Only a credible and experienced interior designer can make it happen.

Here are a few tips to get the right office interior designer in Mumbai:

1. Do online research

You will find references to many interior designers online. Every interior décor magazine has an online edition now. You can get credible names from the articles as expert interior designers contribute to these magazines. There are also certain websites which mention a list of reputed interior designers, but you need to be wary as there could be paid listings as well.

Ask for references from friends, colleagues, or family or get in touch with interior designers via their websites. The best way to find more about an interior designer is via their website. It will contain every detail of their work, their vision, work policy, and past projects. You can even get an approximate budget for your home or office design online, without having to spend any money.

2. Do an overall testing

Communicate with the design firm or the interior designer via emails or messages on their website. Put out all your queries and questions. Though you will find details of their qualifications and experience on their website, you can still ask your queries on the same if you have any doubts. If they reply to you promptly with due respect and answers your doubts, you can trust them.

Never work with dishonest or rude professionals, however, experienced they might be. A true professional is one who respects their clients, big or small.

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3. A design firm is better

A design firm is much more beneficial than an individual designer because the former will have various design partners. It gives you a choice. You can check out each one’s credentials and experience and then choose one that looks best for your office project.

The firm will also help you connect with the one who has the most experience with projects like yours.

4. Go for one who provides 3D visualisation

In today’s tech-era, it would be foolish to accept drawings or verbal explanation. Ask for 3D visualization, and if they say they can’t provide one, then it is best not to work with them.

You get the best visual idea with 3D visualization, and it will help you get a clear idea of how your office will look. Making changes to the plan is better than making alterations after the completion. Thus, it saves money and time.

5. Their past projects

Experience matters, especially when it is your office design you are talking about. You will have an idea of how your office should be. Checking out the past projects of the designer will let you know if your vision and their creativity match.

For example, if you wish to get a conventional office design and do not wish to go by the latest trends, then find an interior designer who has expertise in such designs.

6. Ask for customer feedback

The website of the interior designer will have customer feedback. You can check out the feedback of customers from their website as well as social media pages. It is also possible to get in touch with the customers directly through social media. Interior designing is not just about design but an overall happy experience.

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7. Check out additional services

Not all interior designers give warranty or guarantee of their services. But you will need someone who provides additional services even after the project gets over. It could be providing product warranties, or even repairs if need be.

A checklist to check out before the final take

Now that you know how to go about finding the best interior designer, here is a list to go through before you make the final call.

  • Expertise: The knowledge, expertise, and experience are important factors to ensure a good job. Such an interior designer will also be well-versed with trends and modern tools such as 3D. Hiring a knowledgeable interior designer helps turn your vision into the best design - a combination of your idea and professional design elements.

  • Confidence in your vision: Your ideas matter, be it for your home or office because after all, if it doesn’t look like it is an expression of your personality, then what’s the purpose? Do your homework well. Note down everything that you have envisioned for the design. Unless you are sure of what you want, the interior designer would not be able to execute your vision.

  • Budget: It is an important factor which needs to get precedence. The final cost may be a little over or under, but keeping a specific budget in mind ensures that the interior designer can work the best within the limit of your budget.

  • Time frame: Ask for an approximate time frame for the completion of your project. It is inevitable that not all the time everything goes as per the plan but fixing a period of time will help you and the designer to stick to a schedule.

  • Respect: This is one of the most crucial factors to ensure a smooth relationship. Mutual respect is a necessity. You should be able to respect the design sensibilities of the designer while they should be able to see your vision. Only then can you both ensure the best middle path.

A well-designed space is not only comfortable but also functional. An interior designer can be your ideal hand in turning your vision into a beautiful reality. So, go ahead and consult an online interior design firm today!

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