Do You Know Just How Awesome Can The "Art Deco" Design Style Be For Your Interiors?

Have you ever wished to live in a house with large elements, heavy furnishings, bold geometrical designs all lending a surreal feeling of luxury? Then, you should definitely give ‘Art Deco’ a try! 

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What Is Art Deco?

Art Deco is short for Arts Décoratifs, a French term and stands for a design style in interiors as well as architecture much popular from the 1920s to 1940s. Some of the examples of art deco buildings in the US are the Chrysler Building in New York, Mutual Building in Cape Town and NBC Tower in Chicago. You can also find art deco inspiration in some old Mumbai structures such as Eros Cinema in Churchgate, Liberty Preview Cinema in Marine Lines, Maneckji Wadia Building in Fort and the Electric House Extension building in Colaba.

 The style was so popular that you could find its inspiration everywhere from jewellery to movie theatres, to even vacuum cleaners and vehicles. By the 1950s, the craze diminished and soon, other influences took over. But, the exciting news is that the trend is coming back to fashion now. So, go ballistic and let your home get a personality!

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Enhance Your Interiors With Art Deco!

The uniqueness of art deco lies in its boldness and non-standard approach. The style can be a fabulous adornment in any room of your home, from your living room to kitchen. The characteristic features of the style comprise angular forms, geometric patterns, unusual materials and more.

You have so much to choose from when it comes to the materials you can use. There is stainless steel, exotic skins, lacquer, marble, rare woods and also mirrors.

The themes can be nature-inspired such as leaves and feathers or stylized animals, or serrated edges or V and zigzag designs.

Art deco interiors mean luxury and extravagance. Here are some ways you can transform your interiors from meek to bold with art deco.

1. Go bold or make it low-key colours

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Since the style incorporates many metallic details, you can choose colours that complement it from bright yellows to reds and pinks.  For example, you can opt for linear accents in gold while the floor can have tiles with geometric designs and a touch of pink to uplift the whole design.

Lacquer and wood are also prominent features in art deco, so complimentary colours such as creams and beiges also work beautifully. The idea should be to use colours that go well with the materials used.

Create a cozy look with dark walls and metallic accents. If you wish to opt for lighter colours, then include shining metal features all through the room while putting up a statement mirror piece for emphasis.

2. Patterns are the key

One of the essential features of art deco is patterns. You can use patterns generously in any room to create the distinct art deco look. There are a variety of styles to choose, from chevrons and leaves and branches to nudes, jagged edges to sunbursts. You can use the patterns anywhere, in upholstery, carpets, rugs, walls, ceiling or even your cushions. There is infinite scope in using the patterns, so that can be a significant advantage.

You can get a wallpaper with leaf designs or geometric patterns and even include the floor and the tiles in geometric pattern for an added appeal.

Another idea is to use black and white tiles to create a ravishing effect. Large rugs add glamour to any room, and if the rugs have geometric or zigzag patterns, you get the characteristic art deco style without much effort. Though sunburst elements in ceilings are common in art deco interiors, you could also use the pattern in mirrors for the unique look.

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Upholstery in geometric or V-shaped patterns or nature-inspired patterns can also lend a dramatic and opulent feel.

Art deco does not include checks or floral motifs, so ensure that you avoid these patterns.

3. Let your furniture show personality

If you are a fan of quirky designs, then you will be excited to have furniture inspired by art deco designs. Art Deco-inspired furniture is all about extravagance, so opt for large-sized furniture with sleek and even unusual designs. For example, a birdcage-shaped chair or a side table with angular legs. Supremely polished wood pieces can lend the luxurious look that is a must for the art deco style. Lacquer pieces were a popular choice because they could reflect light which gave a lighter feel and look to large furniture pieces. Their shiny finish also added to the opulence.  

Other examples include pieces with a curved backrest, velvet upholstery, or unusual industrial designs. A perfect example of typical art deco furniture is a low armchair with velvet upholstery but with a curved backrest and a round seat. Isn’t it exciting to add elements to your home that stand out and create an impression on their own?

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As art deco is all about luxury, so, ivory, brass, expensive wood, chrome, silver, and even gold elements are often used not just in furniture but also in other elements including doors, windows, and stairs.

The key points you need to remember about art deco interiors are large sized furniture, metallic details, colours that complement the metal elements, nature-inspired patterns, and unique designs. Are you all set to embrace luxury?

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