Bored Of Wardrobes? Here Are 6 Interesting Alternatives For Your Bedroom!

As you read the last word of this piece, a crystal clear image will emerge - fitting your clothing without a trace or hint of an armoire is not a challenge. It is an opening of avenues that allow exploration of alternate methods for squirrelling away your clothes and accessories.

A pint-sized bedroom. A monotony from the same old cupboards. A microscopic décor budget. There are millions of reasons why a bedroom might lack the fundamental tool to organisation – the wardrobe. While its absence may dismay and posit a thoughtful question – where to keep all the clothes, there is no scarcity of storage ideas.  A few tricks here and a few ingenious designs there and et voila an answer presents itself.

Remedying The Lack Of A Wardrobe!

Getting your apparel sorted without using a traditional cabinet, drawer or wardrobe is surprisingly easy. Though organisers, planners, and conventional arrangers love to extol the advantages of a closet, we recommend using these six new ways to put away all your paraphernalia.

1. Dispersed Cabinets

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A chest of drawers is the oldest trick in the book to store clothes. Considered a classic piece of furniture, they are excellent substitutes to closets, but they have one drawback. Chests eat up floor space faster than you can say. For small bedrooms, it can be a huge issue. The first stand-in to wardrobes is an improvisation on these drawers: chests that are mounted on walls.

No, these are not merely functional cabinets fixed to walls like in a kitchen. These drawers and small cupboards scattered across one wall. Each chest is of varying size and attached to the wall to form a cohesive design that catches the eye. Dispersed drawers are statement-making with enough space to store folded clothes and delicates. The patches of empty spaces between the scattered cubbyholes add depth to even a compact room and offer a visible floor area.

2. Open Shelves

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Shelves without doors are the most accessible weapons to organise clothes without an almirah. The shelves can be stacked one over the other and kept at a corner, or they can be fixed to walls. Though a simple idea, exposed shelving create deep storage pockets. Adding pegs or rails (think stimulating an authentic closet) makes them even more competent at stowing apparel. To add a hint of colour and comic allure to the room, deploy boxes of varying tones and shades.  For a genuinely uncluttered feel, opt for open box shelves that have wheels attached to them.

3. Collapsible Wardrobes

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Committing to an elaborate and new storage method that is also unconventional is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those who want to keep a soupcon of predictability to an eccentric technique, foldable wardrobes are the way forward. They are distinct from closets but are not denizens of another land. Practical and multifunctional, the modular furniture can be installed and uninstalled at the drop of a hat. These wardrobe-alternatives come in enticing upholstery designs, declutter abodes and ease living.

Another Alternative? Appropriating The Bed!

The next alternative to standard wardrobes is the bed – the indispensable equipment of a bedroom – in some form or the other. There can be three options.

1. Bed Riser

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A bed riser elevates the height of the bed and provides the option of tapping the space underneath it. The area can be employed to place storage containers that hold rarely used items. It can also be installed with modular drawers to fashion a smart and sleek look that adds sophistication to the room.

2. Lofting Bed

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Anyone who has the capital to invest in a multi-purpose bed must exploit the benefits of a lofting bed. As long as the height of the room is sufficient (head banging on the ceiling every time you get up is not a good look), these storage solutions are unique. You can create complete walk-in closets in the space they clear up.

3. Pop-Up Bed

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When elevation is out of the window, think hinges. Pop-up beds have deep trays which can be used to keep seasonal clothes and apparel that are worn once in a blue moon. Even though not conducive to daily usage, they still make for spiffy storage units.

Inspiration Lies Everywhere…

A closet, an armoire, an almirah are practical devices to keep clothes, but with tiny bits of resourcefulness, they can be made redundant. Inspiration lies everywhere. Credenzas will add an opulent feel to a room. If the budget is less, employ open clothes rails. Use ceiling hangings for a DIY look or simply wield a good ole box to put away your shoes. Pick any of these alternatives to closets, and the memory of the undeniable need for wardrobes will soon be ancient history.