8 Unique Ceiling Styles You MUST Try!

Imagine this. You’ve just opened your eyes, after a fulfilling siesta, and the sight that greets you is a plain, white ceiling. And you wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have something more colourful or attractive to look at when you look heavenwards?

Okay… we may have overdone this a bit. But think about it. Isn’t the potential of an attractive ceiling underestimated? Turns out, an attractive ceiling can accentuate the look of your home!

Of course, you can move over the cliched false ceilings and panels! It’s time to experiment with more expressive ceiling designs!

Unique Ceiling Designs For Your Home!

Here are some interesting ceiling designs you can use in your home!

1. Wooden Grandeur

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Wood is the most preferred material when it comes to furnishing the house, so why not try for the ceiling too? Get wooden slats installed for your ceiling and bring in cosy vibes to your home. Whether you like contemporary designs or traditional ones, you can never go wrong with wood. Plus, it lends great warmth and sophistication to any space.

There are lots of ways to incorporate wooden elements for a decorative ceiling design. Add in fins and beams or find a beautifully textured variety for an ornate look on its own. From wooden planks to faux wood beams, your family is sure to fall in love with its decorative patterns.

2. Bright Motifs

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Bring all the focus to your ceiling with vibrant motifs and patterns. If you want your ceiling to stand out, you may paint it with templates and patterns. And, if you want something more elaborate, you can opt for stunning wallpaper designs as well.

In addition to these, you can also add a golden trim along the edges and witness an instant royal touch to your interiors. When your guests look up, they are bound to feel mesmerized. Complex ceilings with intricate motifs and patterns are the flavour of the season... 

3.  High Contrast

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If you thought you can create contrast accents with only your walls, rethink again! Contrast ceiling is a huge trend that is picking up. Mix and match to experiment with different colours and shades to create a unique design.

If you have muted walls with subtle tones of paint, play it up with a contrast colour on the ceiling.  This is something unconventional and is sure to turn all the attention when used in your living room.

4. Pick A Theme

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From the starry theme of galaxies, cosmos of the solar system to cartoon characters and the groovy carnival style, pick a theme to design the ceilings of your bedrooms.

Your kids are sure to fall in love with these attractive themes that enable them to go into their own dream world while they lay in their bed.

5. Sculpted Mouldings

Unique Ceiling Styles (5).jpg

If you are someone who likes to keep it subtle and elegant, then you can opt for this design. Classic mouldings on your ceilings that blend in seamlessly with your interiors will be perfect for you. Design a small ring mould around your chandelier and make it look impressive.

Or, you can also opt for textured tiles to create that sculpted effect. From subtle trims to full-blown moulding, ask your designer for the right options to choose from. You can choose to be traditional or modern with this design.

6. Play With Geometry And Abstract Designs

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Make a bold statement by seeking out geometric designs that are bound to draw the attention. Many of these designs also create a three-dimensional effect. You can use beams, cleverly placed panels or simply use paints to build your desired effect.

Try incorporating abstract patterns on your ceilings or keep it simple with basic stripes in contrast shades. There are several geometric patterns out there to choose from. They make such a cool effect too!

7. Go Floral

Unique Ceiling Styles (7).jpg

A ceiling with flowers in pastel shades is sure to lend your room a dreamy vibe. Flowers have the innate power to add a pleasant feel to any space and the ceilings are no less. If you love all things pretty, then this is your thing.

Just make sure not to go over loud with the colours and choose the right scheme of colours in tandem with the other walls.

8. Ceiling Lights

Unique Ceiling Styles (8).jpg

While conventional lights like pendants, chandelier and tube are typically used, lights can actually be part of your ceiling design. Lights can be the accents that amplify the form or other elements of the ceiling.

Now, this will create a dramatic appeal to your house and create a unique atmosphere. Such a feeling of awe when you look at it!

Why waste your ceiling with a blank canvas, when you can add some interest and style? Consider dressing up that top wall.

Let the professionals here at Hipcouch help you to design your ceiling according to your tastes!

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