8 Kinds Of Beds That'd Make A Dreamy Bedroom!

There’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t cure!

Sure, there are some of us who could fall asleep anywhere - on the couch, the floor or even whilst travelling to work! But, nothing beats the charms of a beautiful bedroom and a nice comfy bed!

Let’s go shopping for a nice bed, shall we?

Beds For A Boisterous Bunch Or A Space-Saving One - What’s It Going To Be?

There’s an enormous range of different bed-types available today! And either you’ll end up utterly confused or more enlightened than when you started off.

You need to first check a few factors:

  • The number of actual users

  • Bedroom interiors and space configuration

  • Size of the bed you need

  • Design preference (common/quirky/interesting)

  • Storage requirements

  • Near-term functionality/long-term longevity

Once you’ve got these straight, you are ready to embark upon a bed-hunting spree!

8 Kinds Of Beds That’ll Turn Up The Dreaminess Quotient Of Your Bedroom!

Here are a few types of beds you’d love to slumber on!

1. The Space Buster AKA The Box Bed!

Types Of Beds (1).jpg

Claustrophobics in earlier centuries might be having a hard time with this bed, but the modern upgraded versions are well-equipped to take care of even the worst phobics. For, the new take on the box bed is no longer boxy (and claustrophobic) but rather jazzy and space saving too.

Intended for homes that are short of bedroom space, the box bed is not mammoth-sized as the name suggests, but rather sleek and built with a solid foundation comprising of a recessed structure that enables slats and panels on the inside.

This box type allows for (or not, if you don’t want it) a sufficient amount of storage space aside from which the shape provides good support for the spine and cosiness for a distinct sleep-quality experience.

2. The Conventional (Yet Functional) Standard King Or Twin XL Bed!

Types Of Beds ().jpg

Ideally more suited for a couple or two people, the standard, king or Twin XL type of beds, are among the most favourite contenders attributing to their functionality as well as their space and comfort factor.

Some prefer to go in for either of these above-mentioned options where tall kids are concerned as the bed lengths are accommodative for even when they outgrow and exceed the typical kiddie bed-sized configurations.

3. The Kids’ Special - Bunk Beds AKA Double Deckers!

Types Of Beds (5).jpg

Perfectly suited for those who have smaller bedrooms, the bunk aka double decker beds are god-sent solutions that can transform space-related nightmares into sweet dreams!

Go for this type of bed-style when you’re dealing with two (or more) children and need a small storage space to go with it.

4. The Canopied Bed

Types Of Beds (6).jpg

Quite similar to a poster bed, the canopied bed is slightly different in that the posts have a canopy fastened to each of them. Opulent and classic majestic in its appeal, the canopied bed has a quixotic touch of dreaminess that somehow makes a mundane affair like sleep, seem old-worldly and delightfully fairytale-ish.

If you’re the kind that likes flair coupled with functionality, the canopy bed with curtains (or net, if you please) can be a great option too! Do remember that this bed is a bit of a space hogger, so if you’re working with a bedroom area that’s not too large, this bed type may not be suited for your home.

5. Hit The Floor With A Floor Bed!

Types Of Beds (7).jpg

The Japanese have used it since time immemorial as have we Indians - yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the floor bed. Here’s a low-down on these beds!

As the name suggests, floor beds are two/three stacked mattresses that are placed on the floor and intended for down-to-earth sleeping purposes. Allowing for a clean visual sweep of the room and making it appear large and spacious, floor beds are ideal for smaller rooms.

What’s more, the proximity of bed-to-floor is such that the body is (involuntarily) put through a slight form of callisthenics every time you wake up!

Newer structural design constructions allow for a dedicated space, where, depending on the number of bedding layers you require, one can permanently earmark/raise the bed’s area, making the end-result look beautiful and earthy.

Take our word for it - the floor bed becomes akin to the celebrity in the room who doesn’t like to hog all the attention!

6. The Divan

Types Of Beds (8).jpg

When overnight guests come a-calling, it’s time to pull out the divan. Yes, that’s right, an ordinary Clark Kent by day and Superman by night, this daybed is typically used as a couch by day and a bed by night.

Usually comprising of two adjoining mattress one on the higher side, and the other placed in a roll-out trundle below, the divan is used for seating purposes in the daytime and as a roll-out twin bed by night.

7. Goodbye To Space-Related Grumbles, Say Hello To The Trundle!

Types Of Beds (9).jpg

It’s also referred to as a truckle bed but you and I know it more commonly as the Trundle bed. A bed within a bed and sometimes two-beds rolled within one, the Trundle type needs only to be pulled out when there’s need for an extra bed.

Typically kept hidden from plain view in one or two tier levels under a regular bed, the Trundle bed comprises of a structure that is broader on the topmost level and smaller framed in the lower tier beds. Naturally so, the lower tier beds are kept sleekly rolled in (concealed) on a regular basis and wheeled out on an on-call basis. What’s more, the bed also has storage space, so odds and ends can be dunked in without a worry.

Some say, the Trundle bed is many things all rolled into one – we agree!

And… 8th, This Oh-So-Futuristic Bed!

Types Of Beds (3).jpg

Some call it the Pod, others think of it as their very own little version of a star-wars themed bed - You be the judge. For now though, here’s a low down on the jazz surrounding this bed-type.

Loaded with hi-tech features such as channel speakers and subwoofers, the Pod packs in snooze, sound and sassiness – with a twist. With a built-in 32-inch TV, a mantelpiece for books and a reading light to go with it, the Pod is Bluetooth compatible and also has charging ports for those, well, who usually run out of juice on their phones by sundown.

Insomnia? What’s That?

Now that you have a complete rundown on the different beds out there, you’ll find that once you hit upon the perfect bed for you, you’ll never have miles to go before you sleep peacefully again!

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