Love Glass... And Your Privacy? Here Are 4 Types Of Glass You Can Use In Your Home!

True, most glass ceilings are meant to be shattered. But when you have such a wide array of beautiful glass on offer, believe us; you'll never stop admiring, leave alone wanting to shatter them!

Should I, shouldn't I?

As goes the case with most home décor designs, glass is a vital component that one can't manage without. Lending functionality and making the décor ever-so-aesthetic, glass has been and always will be the favored choice for architects and interior designers across the globe.

All things considered, glass conveys a little proviso of dread – Fear that it might break. Or worse, allow for nosey neighbors to peek into the live updates happening in your house!

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An unplanned ball tossed off course by a lively tyke, an inadvertent hammer with a household item, over-exposure to the sun and what have you. As we all know, the sound of shattering glass and jagged, cracked pieces scattered in every direction are a sight only too familiar for those who've dealt with a tray-full of drinking water glasses or precious sets of glassware in their lifetime.

Likewise, privacy is a big concern, especially for those who may have huge glass windows in their houses - curious neighbors or not.

The dilemma thus posed is, should I use glass in my home interiors, or shouldn't I?

Glass is a class apart!

Glass has the inborn capacity to enable normal light to stream in uninhibitedly where different materials, for example, wood or stone, hinder and prevent. True, one may be enticed to expect that it will trade off on security, however, if you have an incredible line-up of alternatives to pick and choose over, for example, the ones listed beneath, protection and wellbeing will never be an issue again.

How about we investigate a few types of glass you can use in your home!

1. Tints that don't drop a hint!

The beauty of tinted glass is that they will provide you just the amount of privacy you need. In the sense that, if you're really gung-ho about the privacy factor, you can always opt for a darker tint, while on the other hand, if you want controlled sunlight to enter the home, a lighter shade will be your go-to option.

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The apparent advantage of darker tinted glass is that it enables an extra layer of shade (and therefore privacy too), so for those living in high heat zones, this might be just the thing. Additionally, with darker tints, the glare of direct sunlight is drastically dimmed down, and so, the room stays neat and inviting. Lighter shades present a good mix of sunlit warmth and coolness – So choose wisely as per your geographical heat conditions.

Available in standard blacks and blues, greys, and bronze tones- Give the shades a dekko beforehand and choose the one that matches your house's overall interior style.

2. Glass you can't look away from – The Textured glass

It is glamorous, and it is efficient. It has been popular since time immemorial, and is extremely purposeful – It is (drum roll please) textured glass!

With pretty motifs or abstract outlines, the textures on the glass can come in all shapes and sizes. But beyond the ornamental value, textured glass allows for you to ‘up' the privacy factor as you desire - The more design-heavy your textured glass is, the more the privacy therein.

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Besides, not only do the 'surface textures' in the finished glass look great, it doesn't deter the daylight in any way!

Another big draw- Opting for a half by half-textured glass!

Depending on the décor requirement, half by half glass allows for ‘textures' to cover half the pane while the other half can be left clear. This way not only is privacy attained, but the clear glass makes way for natural light to flow in. Besides, the effect is mesmerizing and eye-catching when used correctly!

3. The grin & bear it all glass - The Laminated, Tempered, and Toughened glass

There's something about coffee and conversations, isn't it? And if the coffee and conversations are over a coffee table that has a toughened glass for a table top, well, even tough talk can come easily, wouldn't you agree?

Utilized in different applications in home décor, laminated, safety, tempered or toughened glass is a specially created glass that takes away the ‘shatter' element and replaces it with a hardy, toughened surface area that doesn't crack and shatter into sharp shards as regular glass does, even under extreme impacts.

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Usually made from a process that ‘sandwiches' laminated PVB sheets smack in the center of two glass pieces, the glass is perfect for use in high-usage areas such as dining/coffee tables, shower doors, furniture, glass balconettes, shelves, staircases, and even shop facades or store countertops. Plus, they ensure privacy!

Some variants of this type of glass offer bullet-proof properties while some others are employed purely for their strength functionalities. In décor, the laminated glass is famous for use on the floor surface area where the weight impact is relatively lesser!

A fair warning though, this type of laminated glass as a floor surface can make things slippery, so be sure to consult an interior decorator regarding its usability.

4. It's nothing personal – It's the work of an Auto-Privacy enabled glass

If you're afflicted with an army of meddlesome neighbors, with this glass ‘now they see you, now they don't.' Wow!

For those who love and respect the private confines of their homes, this Auto-Privacy enabled glass option is a dream come true. Really, it is!

With a little switch, one can control the clarity and the opaqueness of the glass panel. In other words, by way of utilizing a sophisticated electrical mechanism that employs the use of a PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film, the Auto-Privacy enabled glass places YOUR privacy in YOUR control.

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As a window pane, if you feel the day is too bright for your mood, switch it to its opaque mode and voila! You're ready to hit the snooze button. Feeling like a sunbath but don't feel like stepping out? Turn on the transparent mode, and pronto, you're ready for your dose of vitamin sunshine!

Aside from windows, smart interior decorators have begun to use them as doors, partition screens, and as layers of extra security and privacy wherever needed.

Aren’t these amazing? If you are looking to get interior design solutions for your home, get in touch with Hipcouch today!

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