3D Visualisation of your Interiors: How it can SAVE your Time & Money?

3D visualisation is a technology which makes images appear lifelike in print or on the computer. Through this, people can sense a greater depth than they do with 2D print and if the output is good, it feels like they are seeing the real thing. This is where it comes especially handy in interior designing, as it helps you understand how your home or office would look like.

3D visualisation may or may not be a part of the initial phase of discussion between a client and a designer. Generally, the 3D visualisation comes up just before the work on the project is about to begin once the initial phase of meetings and discussions are all done away with.

The question that a lot of people have in mind here is that does one really need 3D visualisation? Does it not add to the overall cost of your project?

The answer to these question is subjective as it depends upon people. However, we can just say that unless you REALLY DON’T WANT TO SAVE on paying unnecessarily for things you may not want… You can take the risk of making design choices on gut and 'suggestions', you going for 3D visualisation!

Here’s why 3D visualisation is something you SHOULD NOT avoid:

do you need 3d visualisation for your interiors

Helps you to get a fair idea of how your interiors would look – Aesthetically

You would normally see samples of the interior designers work, images, illustrations and some sketches that will give you an idea about how your interiors would look like. Or at times there are some images off the internet that serve as a reference, as to how your home could do with some design like that. All these might help you visualize or imagine various elements of your home decor - but that is what is it - just imagine it!

3D visualisations will help you to understand exactly or at least will take you as close to reality as it can get, about how ‘your’ exact interiors would look like. Three-dimensional visuals are not just aesthetically pleasing, it will also help you get an in-depth idea of your new home/ office.

3D Visuals help you gauge what sort of decor, colour combination, etc. would look better

3D Visuals help you gauge what sort of decor, colour combination, etc. would look better

Helps you see the colours, decor, provide better suggestions and explain any changes

As explained earlier, when you have 3D visuals, you will be having a better idea of how your interiors would look once the project has been completed. You can get to see how a certain colour combination of the walls, laminates, etc., would look before trying it, how a shape of a furniture is or where the units need to be!

Therefore, you will be in a better position to understand the various suggestions your designer makes. Also, you are in a better position to understand what your designer is trying to say and will also be able to give your inputs on time, before actual work begins.

get kitchen 3d visualised - interior design services

Cut down on the unnecessary to & fro

3D visuals will cut down the unnecessary to-and-fro that you might have been stuck in with your designer if you just had a ‘fair’ idea of what the interiors ‘would’ look like.

For instance, suppose you have the 3D visuals of your living room in front of you. You will be able to see everything, the way it is going to be. The TV unit, the sofas, the chairs, etc. In such scenario, if you want to change the size of the couch, or have the TV unit design changed, you can easily explain to your designer. A lot of time will be saved which would have been wasted on deciding what you want if the 3D model was not there. Not to mention the fact that if the work would have started on the ‘fair idea’ or ‘gut’ and you had to change it mid-way… phew!

understand the sense of space with 3D visuals

Better understanding of the space utilisation

Perhaps the biggest advantage of 3D visualisation is that it will help you to judge the space occupied by each interior aptly. Whether it is furniture, decor or anything, you will get the precise idea of space utilisation. It saves from having a small or too big a sofa at the end or a storage unit which eats up your free moving space in the passage later.

Diagrams and sketches only provide a basic idea about where the interiors would be placed. But when it comes to space, nothing beats 3D visualisation in helping you make a smart decision. Not to mention the fact that if you have a small or limited living space, 3D visuals can be the best decision you make for your interiors.

have only what you need. Cut out the rest with 3D visualisation

Avoid paying for what you wouldn’t need

This is perhaps the best part about 3D visualization. You can easily avoid paying for what you don’t need as there is a clear image of your interiors in your mind.

Sometimes, we tend to decorate our living room extensively, to give it a complete look. But many times this leads to just too much stuff in the living room which makes it appear congested.

But if you have 3D visuals in front of you’d know better and ask your designer to eliminate it! This will ultimately lead to saving cost.

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know how the end design would look like with 3D visuals

End the ambiguity often associated with interior design projects

It is natural to be anxious or excited about something as big as a new home or workplace. We tend to anticipate what would the final thing look like before work has even begun on it! This anxiety is mainly owing to the associated ambiguity with the interiors work. We only imagine and have an idea and based on the discussion with the designer, we can assume how it would look like, but we can’t skip ahead 4 months and see how it all would turn out, right?

Well, 3D visualization kind of helps you see that future by showcasing how things could turn out. This greatly cuts down the ambiguity and also reduces the anxiety of how your interiors would look like once complete.

So…. speak to your interior designer before the work on the project begins and ask them for 3D visuals of how the final interiors would look like.

Cost of 3D Visualisation of your Interiors

Talking about the cost, usually, for residential, it costs around Rs 5000/- for 2 views of a room (no matter if its bedroom, living room, etc.) if it is outsourced to a freelancer. Again, depending on how the freelancer works or charges you can squeeze in more images as well for the same amount. For commercial property, it costs more.

However, 3D visualization is included in the overall cost of a project when there’s an end-to-end service provided by the interior designer. So, if you have an interior designer taking care of everything, chances are you won’t be paying anything more for the 3D visuals - Making it all the attractions to get them done.

You must ensure that the 3D visualization is of decent quality and not run of the mill. Our Interior Design Partners will help you with that, and ensure you have great looking interiors delivered to you as per your expectations – without any hassle.

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And like always, here's a quick visual guide to recap why you should go for 3D Visualisation before starting the interior designing work...

Why You Should Get 3D Visuals Done For Your Interiors Before Starting Design Work