Here Are 10 Interior Design Trends Which Will Dominate 2018!

The new year is here! So is the time for resolutions and to keep them (well we know how that goes!)

We may cheat on most of them… Except, being in tune with the latest trends! Afterall, we don’t want to be seen as primitive, do we? It makes sense, then, to form resolutions based on what’s gonna be in vogue for the coming year. We decided to give you some interior design goals to look forward to in 2018!

Let’s look at the upcoming trends that will definitely make you go, “WOW!”

10 Interior Design Trends which would Dominate 2018

So here are ten interior designing trends that we feel will take the year 2018 by the storm!

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1. No more all-white, Dark is In…

Over the years there has been an obsession with whites! People are colouring their rooms, especially kitchens, in an all-white colour and while white does add a sense of space to any room, it has become a bit monotonous to see whites in kitchen.

The year 2018 will see a spark in the usage of deeper colours like navy blue, grey, and even black! Now before you jump the gun and conclude - Oh, that’s NOT a great idea…  it’s not for entire walls, you can surely opt for a dark coloured cabinet, drawers or even furniture!


This is not restricted to kitchens alone. You can have rooms with a dark theme. You need not paint the entire room dark as it isn’t a very good idea, but some of it, for sure can be!

In case you want to balance the dark and light colours, you can opt for the classic combination of Black and White.

Black and white is a classic and timeless combination. Why not this new year, give your home or office a makeover with a splash of black and white - or their distant cousins in terms of colours?

You could go for all black kitchen counters with white cabinets or a gorgeous black headboard in your bedroom or a dark TV unit in the living room with the rest three being white!

2. Express who you are with Statement Ceilings


One thing that you might want to try out in the year 2018 is making a statement through the ceiling of your house. Statement ceilings are a growing trend and will definitely expand in 2018. Here are some ways you can make your ceilings stand out:

  • Graphic Patterns

  • Colourful Prints

  • Painted Patterns

  • Wallpapers

  • Metallic Finishes

  • Exposed Beams

For instance, Pinterest has seen a 310% increase in saved pins of the statement ceiling décor which proves how much people are interested in it. Also, these new designs can be achieved with paint, wallpaper, wood, and more.

3. Speak your mind with Word Art


Words and art together? Well, why not!

Chants, vintage signs, quotes etc. can be imposed upon pillows, cushion covers, or signs that can be put up at various places in the house. If you are adventurous enough, try getting a quote scribbled on your favourite wall!

Word art is emerging just as people are starting to believe in, and feel the beauty of words!

4. Solve your storage problems with heavy cabinets


A lot of heavy cabinets will be spotted in the year 2018 as they are slowly gaining popularity.

Especially in the kitchen, heavy cabinets solve the purpose of storing a lot of utensils as well as look beautiful!

If you have a larger living room, you can have a heavy cabinet there as well to store your accessories, magazines, or even have heavy looking shoe-racks.

Also, rather than stark-white kitchen cabinets, you can opt for colours like warm grey, blue and even crème!

5. Brass - The metal of the year

brass faucet.png

If you are looking for a metal that would trend in the year 2018, Brass is surely an option!

Kitchen cabinets, living room furniture, and even vintage-inspired light fixtures use Brass. It gives a regal look, and that is an everlasting trend.

6. Millennial Pink - Colour of the future

millenial pink for 2018.jpg

Well, if you are reluctant to try out the classic black and white combination, there's an alternative.

The colour Millennial Pink, which was officially named back in the year 2016 and became hugely popular in 2017, is a great choice for home interiors.

You could opt for a millennial pink dresser, cabinets, and even couch!

7. Fabric of the year - Linen


Linen is a fabric that looks really good when used on bedding and furniture!

Its laid back and casual appearance is welcoming and provides warmth and comfort. If not linen, then lush velvet is also a good option.

8. Blend classic and modern with Rugs

repupose the rugs for 2018.jpg

If you thought Rugs are an outdated trend, then think again! We aren't talking about the normal rugs but the overdyed ones which bring in an artistic as well as modern touch to any room! The most popular colour choices for these rugs are grey and turquoise. If they aren’t on the floor, you can also hang them on a wall!

9. Divide a room in style with Curved sofas


L-shaped sofas were trending until last year but now it is time for some curves! The curved sofas are a good alternative to the L-shaped ones and are also more modern in look and style.

They look phenomenal from every angle and even are a great way to divide a room.

10. Light everything up with Reclaimed Wood


Custom reclaimed wood carpentry makes a worth-remembering impact on the home décor world. With its exotic dining tables to photo frames, the reclaimed wood combines functionality with meaningfulness. Make your home shine a little brighter with reclaimed wood furniture! And believe us, you will be thankful that you were ever made aware of this trend.

So these are the top 10 interior design trends that we would be seeing a lot in 2018!

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