Rohan Haksar

Rohan Haksar, Principal Architect at RRH Design, graduated from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. He went on to complete a Master’s in Digital Sustainable Design from Pennsylvania State University.

During his time at Penn State, he worked closely with Autodesk to integrate BIM and Energy modelling. This work resulted in the creation of Vasari, a new software that is currently in the testing phase. He was also amongst the first few students chosen for the Autodesk IDEA Program Residency in San Francisco. He has authored numerous papers on digital sustainable design , which have been published at conferences across the world.

Rohan started RRH Designs, a young design-oriented architectural firm with the purpose of bringing thought-provoking, intuitive design to the Indian market.
RRH Designs, a boutique architectural studio, designs and executes projects that are tailor-made to the requisite of each client – an approach that allows the end-user to appreciate personalized design in a whole new light.

RRH Designs is a successful union between a unique choice of materials and contemporary new-age technologies that constantly pushes the envelope of design. The firm has completed several projects with short turnarounds in a multitude of fields, ranging from hospitality, retail, corporate interiors, residential buildings, and master planning. RRH Designs continually looks to expand and add to their varied portfolio.