Richa Malhotra

Richa’s Design Studio is an Interior Architecture studio based out of Mumbai since 2013. Richa graduated from LS Raheja School of Architecture with a Bachelors of Architecture and further went to Politecnico Milano, in Italy to study Heritage Architecture and Art history. Richa has a keen interest in art history which is the core principle used in her design.

Richa is also a visiting design faculty, she believes design has the ability to evoke positive and negative responses in a person hence there should be a deep understanding of the intrinsic purpose behind every idea and a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and lifestyle. This dictate is the fundamental principle that sits at the core of each project.

Design for Richa is the communication between a space and the user, as a designer her job is to optimize the conduit of the communication in order to make the experience pleasurable and functional. Richa believes it’s not only the aesthetic appeal but also the feeling a space evokes in a person when they walk into a space, is what makes the design successful