Lahar Mehta

Lahar Design Studio is an interdisciplinary design studio that aims to integrate high- quality design into various aspects of our habitable environments. We believe our working and living environments are a reflection of our personalities, lifestyle and values. 

All our waking hours are spent in spaces; work-spaces, homes, other commercial spaces like hospitals and hotels. The interior spaces we spend time in can profoundly affect our emotions, well-being and state of mind. They can have a deep impact on our conscious and subconscious mind through the use of appropriate colors, sustainable materials, beautiful art works and correct lighting.

At Lahar Design Studio, we wholeheartedly aim to integrate all these principles into our design processes; whilst also practically visualizing and creating a space for you which will feel both beautiful and inspiring. The studio is well equipped to offer services such as - Design consultation, turn-key contracting, styling for spaces and value based art concepts for spaces.