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Bindya Vasavada 

An architect and an alumnus of ‘School Of Architecture’, C.E.P.T., Ahmedabad, Bindya has extensively studied and researched on grid patterns of World Architecture, Indian vernacular settlements and Redevelopment of Dharavi in Mumbai. She took a multidisciplinary course on World Class Cities at the IIHS (Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bangalore). She also been a faculty at the Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture (KRVIA, Juhu) and School of Environment and Architecture (SEA, Borivali).

Bindya gained her work experience with prominent architects like P.K.Das and Quaid Doongerwala. Her work is a culmination of her extensive understanding of spaces and a reflection of human behavior, culture and nature.

Bindya runs a space design studio working in the realm of Architecture, Interior Design, and Furniture Design. The studio’s motto is to create spaces that are out of the box and have utmost usability. While we focus on usability we make sure that the space is visually stunning. We incubate every project with a lot of research, user study and validation, without compromising on aesthetics.

Our aesthetic values are a balance between classical and contemporary, with an uncanny layer of Indian sensibilities. Our Mantra!

Optimize: We design efficient layouts, which are a result of systematic distribution of spaces and an organized flow of movement within the space.

Personalize: We work closely in collaboration with the user to understand their needs and aspirations and translate the same with bespoke furniture and soft furnishing.

Minimize: From the very onset of the project till the end, we maintain a strict documentation of processes that keeps the project from meandering and waste of time & resources