Sample Furniture Selections

Type of furniture items that were used as assumptions to estimate the cost of your Study/Home Office  


Along with the furniture items you selected, the cost estimate for a typical study/home office includes the following furniture items/assumptions:

1. Rates for commercial ply are used while pricing all furniture items

2. Desk with some storage + shelves + Chair

3. Bookshelf considered

4. Flooring as provided by developer or basic cost of engineered wood/vinyl flooring considered (if selected)

5. False ceiling, painting and minor electrical costs are included.

6. Basic costing for lights is included

7. Basic upholstery & fabric cost is included for chair / sofa cum bed / futon / sofa (if selected)

10. Apartment size is used to determine typical room sizes

11. Rates considered are for all custom furniture items

12. Base rates for Laminate (INR 1500/sheet), Veneer (INR 1800/sheet) & PU are used for cost estimates.

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