Sample Furniture Selections

Type of furniture items that were used as assumptions to estimate the cost of your 3BHK apartment

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Assumptions used to price your apartment

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Detailed assumptions used to price your apartment


Along with the furniture items you selected, the cost estimate for a 3 BHK includes the following furniture items/assumptions:

  1. Typical room sizes are calculated by using the carpet area of your apartment as an input. Costing could vary, if assumed dimensions are not very accurate

  2. Rates for good quality commercial ply are used while pricing all furniture items for all rooms except the kitchen. In the kitchen & bathrooms marine ply + commercial ply have been considered, where applicable

  3. Debris transport cost is estimated after assuming 3 trips will be required to clear debris from the site

  4. For every site, covering the floor with a POP sheet is required, since in new flats flooring is provided by the developer. A per square feet cost for this floor protection cost has been considered

  5. Furniture items such as bed with headboard + storage (in master bedroom), side tables, TV unit(s) are considered in the bedrooms

  6. Furniture items such as desk + storage + shelves + chair and a book shelf are considered in the Home Office / Study

  7. For all furniture items, we have considered standard designs and dimensions. Based on your actual design and materials used in it (for example, you may glass + wrought iron in a bar unit), the price may vary

  8. All sofa/seating options selected in the living room or home office/study have the Fabric cost built in. 

  9. For the dining area, the cost of upholstered chairs is included with the cost of the dining table (if selected).

  10. Rates for Commercial + Marine ply are used while pricing the kitchen. We use Marine ply for under counter storage areas & Commercial ply for cabinets which are over the counter

  11. Soft closing drawers are considered in the kitchen, along with stainless steel drawers and other accessories such as cutlery bins

  12. Costing for only Granite counter tops is considered, if the developer has not provided it.

  13. Cost of a mid-range hob, chimney and sink are considered

  14. Typical U-shaped kitchen layout is considered for costing with counters/platforms on both sides

  15. Storage under and over the counters on both sides is considered

  16. Loft storage (above the over-counter storage) has not been considered in the modular kitchen pricing. 

  17. Costs for white goods (like microwave, fridge, etc) is not included

  18. Base rates for laminates, back painted glass, veneer, PU and acrylic are considered for the kitchen

  19. All hardware considered is Hettich or equivalent brand for kitchen and wardrobes.

  20. Flooring as provided by developer, unless otherwise specified in selections

  21. False ceiling, painting and minor electrical costs are included

  22. Basic costing for lights are included

  23. Bathroom as provided by builder; some additional storage or shower cubicle costs are included, if selected

  24. Marine ply is considered for bathroom under sink storage; shower partition cost includes good quality glass + hardware + labor costs

  25. Basic upholstery & fabric cost is included for all applicable items

  26. Apartment size is used to determine typical bedroom sizes

  27. Rates considered are for all custom furniture items

  28. Costs for soft furnishings (like curtains, pillows) and mattress are not included

  29. Base rates for Laminate (INR 1500/sheet), Veneer (INR 1800/sheet) & PU are used for cost estimates for the apartment, based on the selections.

  30. For civil costs such as wall breaking & flooring, we have assumed average room sizes to calculate estimates. These costs can vary based on the actual square feet area and the actual amount of work involved

  31. For flooring, we have used costs for mid-range for Indian Marble, Tiles and Engineered flooring, to estimate final costs.

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