Sample Furniture Selections

Type of lofts, shutters, cabinets & darwers that were used as assumptions to estimate Kitchen cost


Along with the furniture items you selected, the cost estimate for a typical Kitchen includes the following furniture items/assumptions:

1. Rates for Commercial + Marine ply are used while pricing the kitchen. We use Marine ply for under counter storage areas & Commercial ply for cabinets and loft storage which are over the counter

2. Basic cost of Granite/Marble/Corian counter top are considered as per option selected

3. Under counter storage (cabinets + drawers) or Overhead storage (cabinets) or both are considered (as selected)

4. Flooring as provided by developer

5. Painting and minor electrical costs are included.

6. Basic costs for profile handles is included

7. Apartment size is used to determine typical kitchen sizes

8. Costs for white goods (like microwave, fridge, etc) is not included

9. Base rates for laminates, back painted glass, veneer, PU and acrylic are considered

10. All hardware considered is Hettich or equivalent brand.

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